Sonic Surf City

01. I’m Going Surfin’
02. BYOB
03. Una Big Kahuna
04. I Am A Banana
05. Surfin’ Amazonas
06. Baby I’m Tryin’
07. Goose Bumps
08. Psycho Beach Twist
09. Tailgate Party
10. My Scooter
11. Kawabonga
12. Waves Are Calling
13. Go Go Go-Go Girl
14. Vote For Summer
15. Cinco De Mayo
16. Down On The Beach (Surf Little Girl)

Woodie Hermanson
Sweet Cheeks Söderhielm
Hot Rod Anderson
Tee-Tee Thomsen

Let’s Go Surfin (EP 1989)
Beach Bop (1990)
Surfin’ Santa (1990)
Sun Sex 'N Fun (1992)
Sha na na na na (CDS 1993)
Life's A Beach (1993)
Losing My Mind (1993)
Let's Make Love (1996)
Surf Don't Walk (1996)
Tune In Turn On Wipe Out (1997)
On The Beach (EP 2000)
The Surfers That Came From The Cold Vol. 1 (2000)
Best Of The Rest Vol. 2 (2004)
Tune In Turn On Wipe Out (2008)
Lights Out (Split 2009)



Released 19/11-2010
Reviewed 27/10-2010


Swedish surf rockers, can that be something? Well, I guess they can as they have reached quite a bit of success around the world and even as they had a long break their music lived a life on their own and they have sold well, there is even a club in Osaka, Japan with the same name as the band, a club that play the music of the band.

This new record is named Pororoca! which means the big disturbing noise in Tupi and is the also the name on the biggest wave in the world on the Amazon river. Kind of a funny name perhaps, I guess it is related to the surf stuff of which the band seem to be obsessed.

Musically this is fast and melodic songs, often with distinct choruses and lyrics about chicks in bikini and surfing related things. Reminds me a bit of legends Beach Boys but with faster and more powerful songs.

Generally I like this band and their latest album as the songs on this record are generally good and catchy. The choruses are strong and positive which gives sort of a good feeling for this record. I think this would be a good record for parties and the likes of that, as I do not really care for parties I can only guess but I suppose that this, other than being surf music is quite good party music.

Still, even though I am mainly positive towards this record there are some things that is not as good, mainly the track at #15 which is called Cinco De Mayo which is a really bad song which almost made me lower the rating to a three but then I figured that the rest of the songs weighs up for this track. Then there are some songs that feel a bit unfinished or strange but that is just a small niggle really.

Overall though it is music that brings your mind closer to summer again, something that can be rather good when looking outside at the snow and crap outside right now.

I would say that this is a really good record and now I’m going surfing.


Label - Killer Cobra/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Beach Boys//
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm