The Revival

1.Last Division
2. Break Through
3. The Revival
4. When Memory Calls

Patrik Larsson - Vocals
Dennis Warelius - Guitar/Clean Vocals
Christoffer Apell - Guitar
Niclas Staberg - Bass
William Turner - Drums



Henrik Udd (producer, Mixer)

Released 2010
Reviewed 29/6-2010


Well, we could have gotten a much worse record than this one as the first record from Dead Tree Music. This Revival from Solitude is in fact the first record we have received from this particular label and as you might have deducted already, I kind of like this record which is the first one by this band, they are now working on their debut album which is due for 2011.

The band have used experienced people when working on this album, Henrik Uddh and Studio Fredman has been used for creating the four tracks on the record. So as you might understand it is an EP which was found and helped the band to a contract.

Musically it is not really that exciting, the songs are really good (barring the last one which is kind of in between) and the record is short and intense which is a good thing as the record always seem to have better energy if it is shorter and more intense. The band kind of have the same style as for instance Soilwork or In Flames, two band the producer has worked with in creating their music which also might explain a little of the similarities. For you who do not know any of these bands it is extreme metal with mainly growls but also clear vocals which seem to be the norm in the extreme metal genre snowadays (oops, typo there, guess the snow fooled me).

The first track called Last Division is the best song on the record and it is really a great opener which sets a real high note for the record to beat. Which it does not. The other tracks are not bad at all, the two following the opener are real good (not as good as the opener though) and the last one is good but kind of a dull (in lack of a better term) track as it offers nothing new or unique.

As I have already stated, in 2011 the debut full length album of this band will be out and I would actually be a bit surprised if it is as good as this EP, sure they should keep the three first tracks and then add five more of the same caliber and then they have the new album. No matter what, I for sure am awaiting this new album with some interest.

With the publicity this band already have gotten topping myspace lists on the biggest Swedish newspaper’s site for a few weeks they have all the chances to be a successful band, even if they isn’t yet, they are a really good band and The Revival is a really good EP, you should get it!


Label - Dead Tree Music
Three similar bands - In Flames/Soilwork/The Haunted
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm