Social Siberia

1. 17
2. Pain runs faster
3. Fences
4. Lone gunman
5. Hit reset
6. Louder
7. Spring love radio
8. The Bitter pill
9. Hopelessly pretentious for you
10. Cant commit without a loss
11. I learned to speak

Joakim Jensen - everything but drums
Simon Andersson - drums


Pierre Larsson - additional vocals
Kristoffer Lundström - additional guitar
Eric Höjdén - Additional vocals, guitars, keys, bass, & programming

Recorded at Dead End Studios, Åmål and in Ed by Eric Höjdén and Joakim Jensen
Produced and engineered by Joakim Jensen & Eric Höjdén
Mixed by Eric Höjdén and Joakim Jensen
Mastered by Christian Silver at Studio Mega, Varberg

Released: 24/3-2010
Reviewed: 15/3-2010

panic and action

Siberia, it doesn’t really sound like the most social place to me, with all the winter and cold you know. If you don’t know then stop reading. Waterworks made by a social side of the coldest place on Earth if you discount the poles, guess that has to be ice. So we have music from frozen water or maybe music frozen into solid ice, that would be strange and somewhat fun at the same time, much like the long time my computer seem to use to recharge the battery at the moment but I guess I write so fast that the processor and memory cannot keep up with my pace.

Anyways, this Social Siberia thing is a project by a guy who listens to the name of Joakim Jensen who plays all instruments but the drums which are played by some other guy who’s name you can read to the left if you wish. So one might actually call this a one man thing, almost anyway. The funny thing is that this guy doesn’t hail from the Taiga of Siberia or anything even remotely similar, he is from Sweden some small place in the southern Swedish countryside perhaps. Anyways, that doesn’t really matter that much, does it?

Musically we are dealing with rocky pop music or poppy rock music, it can really be interpreted either way depending on who you ask about it. I refuse to take sides when it comes to that. The music is dominated by the melodies which seems to be in the main focus and the production is very fine tuned to help this fact as well so I guess it is quite the bit from the ”true” heavy metal or whatever you hard rock people who read this magazine want to read about.

This record starts with a song that is called simply 17 and it is a good starting track with some energy and power, it sets a nice tone to the record. A tone that is somewhat softened and improved to the second track that is called Pain Runs Faster and is number two in the scheme of things on this record. The rest of the tracks are also good but one other track, the one called Spring Love Radio, stands out with its desire for summer, it states the obvious that everyone wants summer. That is something I especially want now considering this long and cold winter we have had around here.

As a music critic I have looked long and hard for something to complain about. However, it has been more or less impossible to find any real complaint, this record has a length that is good, it is not too long, it has good melodies, the songs are good and there are some tracks with hit potential. So really, I cannot find anything, other than the fact that labelmates Her Bright Skies are slightly better with their Causing a Scene but that I believe is a matter of taste, they are both excellent records.

And as with prior mentioned skies I listen on to this record even now that I have written down the things I think about this record, unlike the records that are coming up soon. I can most definitely recommend this record to anyone who like goos music, maybe though with a slight preference towards the melodic side of things. Maybe the one who looks for aggressive and super heavy music will think this is rubbish but if he/she does he/she is completely wrong.

So, in the end these waterworks works rather well and the social side of Siberia feels much more inviting than the real deal. But just maybe this band’s music is good enough to melt the Siberian ice and cause a leak of methane which leads to global warming of course and then maybe we can get some summer at last, and a longer one. Well, a man can dream, a man can dream…

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Label - Panic and Action/Triada
Three similar bands - //
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm