Perversion Ltd.

1. Crossroad 666
2. 7even Stitches
3. Rape & Take
4. Dead World
5. Between Broken Dreams
6. Portrait in blood (Braindead)
7. Insult #7
8. Sexual Predator
9. Eye want all
10. Taste of Twilight

Lotus – Angelic Vocals
Gen Morphine – Six stringed chainsaw and vocal abuse
Tristan Hex – Distorted hell-harp
JC Acid – Underworld lowth Armada
XTC – Drums of war & darkened anvils


Produced at the ‚Subsound Studios‘ in Rome by ‚Victor Love‘

Released 22/10-2010
Reviewed 26/10-2010


There probably shouldn’t be any doubt that this dutch band is obsessed with sinners and sins, at least not if you read the names on the songs and also look to the name of the band.

The first thing that struck me about this band, other than the name with a number in the middle, was the record cover. It is quite interesting when metal bands chose to have white covers and this one has a really interesting look to it, and it should indicate an interesting record.

Musically these sinners with a white cover and weird name play melodic heavy metal with female vocals spiced up with some masculine vocals. The voice of singer Lotus reminds me quite a bit of the girl singing for Hydrogyn and they are also musically rather similar to that band even though the male vocals of the sinners are a differing factor.

One thing that strike me while listening to this record is the lyrics which of course revolve around sins but very much so about sexual escapades, rape and violence and the likes of that. The lyrics are actually not interesting at all and does not add anything to the music as they might as well have been singing about tennis. The lyrical themes are not at all reflected in the music even though I think the band would have to change a lot of titles if they were to start singing about tennis.

The record opens with a track called Crossroads666 which is a good song even though the title is stupid, I really despise all songs with 666, satan or whatever in the title, it is just stupid, the song is really good and opens the record in a really good way. Another track that is really rather good is the one called Sexual Predator, these two add a lot to this record. Not that the rest of the tracks are bad, these ones are just better.

I was leaning towards giving this record a five H-rating but ultimately decided to opt for a one step lower rating which I think is the more correct one in my opinion. I opted for a lower rating because there are some things in all this good that is disturbing me a bit. Like the male vocals which are really annoying for some reason that I cannot quite pinpoint. Another thing that annoys me is the lyrics, they are actually so dumb at times that I loose focus in the music at times. The last bother is that Lotus, the female singer sometimes has too much of an accent which is about as annoying as the trackpad at this computer when you are writing (stupid apple).

Sure the complaints are quite small and sure they are but they are still weighting down the rating for me. And in the end I can say that this is a really good and interesting band and their debut album is really quite good and well worth checking out.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Within Temptation/Hydrogyn/After Forever
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm