Prime Suspect

1. What Do You Want?
2. I'll Be Fine
3. Change This World
4. I Never Knew
5. I Would Like To Reach The Sun
6. It Could've Been You
7. Hear Me Calling
8. Deep In My Heart
9. So Strange
10. Watch Me

Olaf Senkbeil - Vocals
Daniele Liverani - Keyboards
Tommy Ermolli - Guitars
Dario Ciccioni - Drums
Mauro Catellani - Bass




Released 3/12-2010
Reviewed 3/12-2010


The primary suspect in this case whatever it is, is a guy called Daniele Liverani and he is from Italy, you know that European country that looks like a boot kicking a sort of flattened ball. For you who have no idea of what I speak I can also say that this band is called Prime Suspect where the first thing was an attempt to be funny but as you are so stupid it was ruined much like Stewie’s party. No worries though, this guy is what you call a man with many irons in the fire (swedish expression directly translated) which means of course that he does loads of different stuff and appears under many different bandnames, like for instance the rock opera called Genius which was a three part series of record on the same theme with loads of prominent guest of whom we can mention Daniel Gildenlöw of Pain of Salvation and Mark Boals of for example Yngwie Malmsteen. Anyway this is a new deal for this guy and for help he has a German singer and some musicians all of which’s names can be read to the left of this text.

Musically this is melodic rock or AOR as it often is called which of course mean that the music is very focused on melodies throughout and that the choruses are of the kind that gets stuck on you rather fast and that does not mean that they are made of chewed chewing gum but that they have that kind of composition and melody that easily gets into your mind. The production is focused on this very same thing and does not detract in any way from the songs, you never think about the production is what that mean of course. There are ten songs and little over forty minutes of music which is quite an ideal length of an album in my mind which is the right mind of course.

This album starts with a song that is called What Do You Want? which is a question I have no really good answer to but I guess something in line with not working, having no loans left to pay and no responsibilities and of course the means to do whatever I want, but the main thing is of course not working as I really hate working. The best song then happens to be at position number five and is called I Would Like to Reach the Sun which is a really good song, one of those songs that goes into your head and stays there all the way and remains with you as the record is lying buried in some drawer somewhere along with loads of other promo discs. Another striking thing with this record is the abrupt ending.

I like this album, it is an album with powerful melodies and choruses that gives that satisfactory feeling that listening to a good album really gives. There is really nothing to complain about, some reviewer I read was complaining about a lack of originality which is just rubbish as you don’t really need it when you make an album that is this good and it really has no lack of originality either, sure there are traces of other bands in the music but then in which band are there not? Also, the songs are varied enough to keep you interested throughout the record and yet they are still within the same frame of music so that the album to not become incohesive which is quite an achievement in itself.

I have gotten a few rather good albums from Frontier records but I would say that this one is the best of the lot so far, and that is quite a feat considering how good a few others are. And it has an abrupt ending


Label - Frontier Records
Three similar bands - Toto/Journey/W.E.T.
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm