One Without - Thoughts of a Secluded Mind

1. Farewell
2. Your Game
3. Before We All
4. Separation
5. Withered Serenade
6. Reign With Hate
7. Ignorance
8. Distance Between
9. Reachable Existence
10. Once In Silence
11. Lost To Solitude
12. Chained

Catrin Feymark - Vocals
Olle Töpel - Drums
Kenny Boufadene - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Screams
Joonas Niskanen - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kristofer Bergman - Bass


Recorded in: Audio G8 Studio
Mixed by: Mattias Wänerstam
Artwork: Matthias Beckman
Mastered by: Dragan Tanaskovic at Bohussound

Released: 29/9-2009
Reviewed: 20/1-2010

lifeforce records

Once I was contacted by a guy called Kenny B-something, I call him Kenny B to make it much easier. He said he was representing a band called One Without, a band I have never heard about but he pointed me to a myspace where there were some chances to sample their music which was interesting. We then made an interview in the early 2009 (unfortunately this is only published in Swedish here at which made me a bit curious about the band’s upcoming record that actually was finished already when I spoke to the guy. At that point they were not interested in using a record label but things changed shortly after that and before we had even published the review information on a label signing came which I could add to the article. Anyway, this thing as I said made me curious about the record which had potential to be very good considering the quality of the samples at their myspace site.

Too bad then that we have no cooperation with LifeForce and don’t receive promos of their records. I however, could solve this issue and have now heard this record some times and can not give a fair review of what has been put on record.

When I start to play the first thing that strike me is the fact that the band doesn’t really sound like any other I have heard, well they do in a way but still they don’t if that make any sense. The music we have is modern heavy metal with a lot of focus on the vocals that is sung by Catrin Feymark who has a somewhat atypical voice for a female fronting a metal/rock band but it suits this music rather well and harmonises with the melodies that are an important and dominating part of the music of this band. The songs are also mostly built around a strong chorus where sometimes things are emphasised by a little growling, not much of it but just enough for you to know its there. In the metal encyclopaedia that I usually consult in question of information of bands they state that this band makes goth metal which I would state is quite far from the truth really.

By the way, did I mention that the band hails from Sweden? Guess not but now I did.

As you may have been able to readout from prior paragraph I like this band, all the time from the opening track Farewell I am quite hooked on what I listen to and tracks like said opener along with Separation, Ignorance and Distance between to name a few, really makes me sing along for a bit. The last mentioned may be my favourite on the record as Catrin’s voice really comes into play here along with the band’s sense of melody it makes for a powerful song. But really, any song can be said here as they are all very strong songs which I like very much and would probably like to hold this record as one of the top ten in 2009 and that says quite a bit even though 2009 wasn’t really that good a musical year as far as I’m concerned.

As I see it this band shows very much maturity on this record and it is really impossible to understand that this is their first album. Everything is really so well made and thought through that you would imagine that this would be something like the band’s seventh record, but it is as I said their debut album and they seem to have gotten quite the response, as I write this the band has just above 600’000 plays on their myspace player on their site which is quite impressive really. They have also performed live in Swedish radio which is a hard thing for any metal/hardrock band that is not Europe. I find that Kenny was really telling the truth when he spoke about this album, it is really an excellent album which I have nothing to really complain about. It is not too long, not too short, well produced, well written, sure it is not perfect but then again how many albums are?

I’m impressed, really, as One Without just steps firmly into the scene and makes an album that make many of the already established acts jealous and on top of that they also brighten up a rather dull year with their debut album. Make sure you get a copy, you will not be disappointed and you cannot be without one.


Label - Lifeforce Records
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm