Monument Black Colossal

1. Looming Majesty (intro)
2. White Noise Sky in Overdrive
3. The Faraway View (interludium)
4. A Shadow in the Garden of Darkness
5. Strindbergian Fire
6. The Weight of Vapour
7. At the Bottom of the Crystal Artery

Nephente - Vocals
Bizmark (PNA)- Guitar, Keyboards
Johan Nord - Guitar, Vocals
Tobias Gustafsson - Bass
Erik Röjås - Drums

Blood Orchid (EP, 2007)
Lighthouse Eternal (Laterna Magika) (EP, 2007)
The Ghost Collector (2008)
Covered in Darkness (EP, 2009)



Released 15/5-2010
Reviewed 21/6-2010


Swedish band Netherbird had made a blue album with a statue on the cover and a goofy title. It is a cover that looks quite interesting really and could indicate some rock opera or symphonic metal or something like that and that would be rather okay, if well done that is (Yoda my name is). There is however something a bit bothering about the cover as well, the logotype is one that seems to indicate something of the extreme kind and that is usually something that bore me.

Musically the record starts with an intro track of music in a more classical and none metal style which is something that does not really indicate in any way what the record is about musically. However, these kind of intros usually indicate something in the melodic kind of metal which is not the case with this record which from track number two starts to be very aggressive and extreme. It is hard and heavy with very mean and aggressive vocals, the music is clearly of the extreme kind. Sure there are some artistic bits and some melodies but the focus seem to be on the aggressive which the ever present growling indicate, there is no clear vocals that I can recall.

The intro track is a very good one, it has a nice feel and builds up the right kind of tension for the record but then we get to the real start of the record and disappointment replace the expectations built in the first track. I find that going through this record is not really an interesting endeavour, I choose the word endeavour for a reason but it is really more of a test of character or challenge to make it through this record. It is a dull record which really has nothing to offer me, I find this record quite bad really.

The reason for this is that the tracks are dull without interesting point, without something that draws attention and without real creative strengths. The tracks on the record melt together into one big pool of black mud which pulls you down under and kills you if you accidentally thread onto it. And it is not a good black mud that could be used for spa treatments, it is acidic and all of us know what such stuff does.

The best track on the record is the intro track but it is not really representative but it is my favourite one still. Of the other tracks I have no favourite as they are all boring tracks without attitude. It is really a record I could have done without.

I am quite sure that my life would be better if I hadn’t heard this record and would definitely be much better if I didn’t need to write this review which I am sure the band will not enjoy but I must write what I hear and how I experience what I hear. It is really difficult to find positive aspects about this record, other than the cover and intro, as it is boring with completely uninteresting music.

No the Netherbird is a tit (the bird that is) who flied to fast into the window and was killed from the injuries caused by the impact, Monument Black Colossal is colossally bad.


Label - Scarecrow Recordings/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Benighted/The Haunted/
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm