Lightning Strikes Twice

01. Call Me
02. Day By Day
03. Ready, Willing and Able
04. How Can I Miss You?
05. You're All I Need Tonight
06. To Get Back To You
07. When You're Gone
08. Take Me There
09. Come
10. In It For The Money
11. Change a Thing
12. Kickin' My Heart Around

Gunnar Nelson: Lead Vocals, Guitars
Matthew Nelson: Lead Vocals, Bass

After the Rain (1990)
Because They Can (1995)
Imaginator (1996)
The Silence Is Broken (1997)
Brother Harmony (1998)
Life (1999)
Like Father, Like Sons (2000)

Gary Corbett: Piano, Keyboards
Brian Burwell: Drums
David Morgan: Piano, Background Vocals
Steve Lukather: Guest Guitar (on "To Get Back To You")


Released 5/11-2010
Reviewed 24/11-2010


The Brothers Nelson are back with their first album in quite some time and for those of you who do not know who they are maybe a record called After the Rain rings a bell? No? How about Love and Affection? A Billboard number one hit and the After the Rain album which sold more than three million copies which can be said to be rather many wouldn’t you say?So in this band we have a very successful pair of brother who may be hoping for lightning to strike twice and the chance to be as successful as before. Times have changed though so it may be a bit trickier time.

I think this album has an attractive looking cover which actually says a lot about what we can expect from the album musically. Of course the record label is a bit revealing as well but for you who have a hard time deducing leads into a theory it is melodic rock music with very distinct choruses, one might actually conclude that the band is situated within the subgenre that goes by the name of AOR which is not a conclusion that is too far off really as that is more or less what this band is. Hardrock with melodies and distinct and easy to remember choruses. There is also the production which is clean and focused on bringing out the melodies within the music of the twelve tracks that span over a time of just above fifty minutes.

This record begins with a track that is called Call Me (I don’t want you readers to do that, I hate calls) and it is an excellent starter of this album as it is the kind of song that makes the melodic rock genre so good with an excellent flow between parts of the song, in the music and in the lyrics, a great opener as I already have written. It is then followed by a track called day by day which is more or less how I cope with life, day by day, it is not as good as the opener but still a good track but a bit let down by the chorus here, unlike the other tracks on the album. I also think that track ten In it For the Money is worth mentioning as it is one of the best on this record, I wonder if the band is in it for the money or if it is the art that drives them. At least their craft is quite good.

I have one small niggle though, this album is a tad too long maybe they should have skipped something like track six and seven or something like that, they are not the worst or bad tracks in any way but it would work well for me with that setup, sure eight and seven would work just as well but I think this record would have been better if it had been two tracks shorter, maybe they should have killed some darlings in the selection process.

Sure my minor niggle is not a real problem as this record will probably work mostly as a background while doing something else, this genre has a tendency to work that way, at least for me and in the car or doing something else it will work just fine even if it is a bit long so maybe lightning can strike twice for these brothers. The material is certainly there but the times are different now and an alarmingly high percentage of people think it is oaky to steal music so it might be hard to sell in millions nowadays.


Label - Frontier Records
Three similar bands - Vega/Journey/W.E.T.
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm