Marya Roxx
Payback Time

1. Time to Run
2. Oh Yeah
3. Strong
4. 21
5. Filth
6. Rebel
7. Nothing Going on
8. Loverboy
9. Payback Time
10. Boneyard

Marya Roxx : Vocals
Scott Metaxas : Bass
Jim Roe : Drums
Paul Crook : Guitar

21?! (EP, 2008)


Kevin Shirley (production)

Released 5/11-2010
Reviewed 2010-12-15


Female fronted rock/hardrock/metal music is something that usually falls more into favour by me than the poorer and more boring kind of the same music. I like hard rocking females that scream their lungs out in their sings and at first glance Marya Roxx certainly look the part, the question is wether she also lives it or if it just a facade. Her album that is her debut full length album is called Payback time and that it what we will review in this review.

Musically it is raw, female fronted hardrock, metal or whatever, rock maybe, it is rough and hard with quite the sing-along choruses at times, I come to think very much of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts when I listen to this record, she is quite similar in sound and style. The production of this ten track, less than 40 minutes of music, album is made by Kevin Shirley who is a quite known fellow with amongst others Iron Maiden and Dream Theater under his belt. This experience is clearly noticeable in this production which is one strong point of this album, it is clean enough, yet it is raw and rough enough to suit the style that this young female is trying to convey. I could easily decide already from the first time I heard this album that the production would not be a shortcoming so if this record was to receive a poor rating it would not be because of the production.

This album opens with a track called Time to Run which is a really good track to start it all up with, it has good catchy chorus and really nice hooks in the song, and it hooks you for what is up next. The next track called Oh Yeah is more or less as the title suggests, a Oh Yeah! track. 21 is another track worth mentioning, it is a really good one as well and track eight Loverboy is another really wonderful track with real hit potential. The finishing track Boneyard is another dandy which ends this record in a great way leaving you wishing there was more left. I think not many albums can achieve that, making you wish there were a little more, but that is for one of the best ways to end an album, it gives this feeling that you want to hear it again and again and even play it twice in a row at times.

The album called Payback Time has a lot going for it, with excellent production coveying that very rock’n’roll feel, with a great singer, with really good tracks and a lot of hit potential and of course loads of attitude. It has character and if promoted correctly it could receive a lot of air time on the radio even to that extent that some channels play the tracks ‘til death but I am not sure they will be promoted that much and maybe that is a good thing for us who likes music.

Positive things are easy to find with this album, trying to find the opposite is more or less impossible for me. There is really nothing to complain about with this album, it has what it needs to have, it is not even too long, if anything with the length it should be complaining that it is too short if anything but I don’t think you can complain about that. One of the photos that came with the digital promo was quite bad but that has really nothing at all to do with how the record sound and how good it is. So there is really nothing whatsoever to complain about when it comes to this album, it is fabulous in any way even though it probably will never be a timeless classic for me, it is still great.

So, if it is raw female fronted hardrock/metal you are after, Marya is clearly your girl, I will be bringing her with me even in the future, that’s for sure.


Label - DR2/Global Music
Three similar bands - Joan Jett/The Runaways/Vixen
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm