Massive Audio Nerve

01. Dead Set
02. Don't Wake Up
03. Logocide
04. Last Light Drains
05. Vivid Heart
06. Identical Abuse
07. False Memory Syndrome Pt 1 & 2
08. Slave Program
09. Mock At My Motion
10. Falling, Zero Status Zero

Tony Jelencovich (V)
Rob Hakemo (B)
Robguz (G)
Engberg (D)

Obey, Consume, Reject (2007)
Peacenemy (2008)


Svein Jensen (prod.)
Mixed by Ulrich Wild
Maor Appelbaum (Mastering)

Released: 26/3-2010
Reviewed: 21/4-2010


This band has a lot of connections to the trasport business being the remains of Transport League and having the same name as a German truck/lorry manufacturer. This however, am I rather sure it is a coincident as the band’s new speciality is not in the logistical department but rather in the quarter system, the full scale quarter tone system as it is called. This is supposed to be a new way of performing the music to give a richer sound or something like that, it is clearly beyond my capabilities when it comes to music.

Musically the selling point talks of this invention called Full Scale Quarter Tone System and for sure it might be something as I experience this record to have a slightly different sound, they have a richer sound musically and paint a massive wall of sound, they have a diverse landscape of heavy sounds. The canvas they paint is clearly made in many shades of heavy which is clearly not heard very often. Also, the production is well made to suit the sound of the songs, there is no pointers to made about this really.

The sound is insanely good says Tony in the band and I am bound to agree, the sound lifts the songs very much. I was debating this record a lot inside my head, going from not so good to very good and almost excellent. In the end I settled for good/very good. I do not think it is this FSQTS that makes this record so good I would rather say that this record stands up because of the powerful songs and the massive audio nerve it paints.

Sure you who have glanced the rating can see that it gets a four which seem to indicate that it is not a fantastic album and surely it is not fantastic in that regard that it can touch the record that I have given a five H rating or higher but it still means that it is a very good record.

I sure can recommend this record to anyone who is in the market for a heavy album with a massively powerful sound which is what this record is all about, the raw energy and the raw power, sure you can talk about FSQTS but it is not sophistication that is the strong point of this record, it is POWER.

Massive Audio Nerve is a powerful record with some great songs and loads of power and they have managed to find a rather innovative sound and if it was only for that I would give this record a higher score but it is also about the quality i perceive and surely this is a great record no doubt about it, it is just not quite that good.

I’d say that this record was stumblingly close to five points.


Label - Tiefdruck Musik
Three similar bands - Transport League/Korn/Mudvayne
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm