1. Cannibals
2. Kutulu Rising
3. Season of the Wolves
4. Atomizer
5. Take No Prisoners
6. Enter Bukatha
7. The Fall of Ultrosstus
8. Paradise of Flesh
9. Kamuula Karmajakk
10. Vermingod
11. Cyberincarceration
12. Brainslugs

Gabul - Vocals, Guitar
Maschgullh - Bass
Sardukh - Drums

New World Disorder (2006)


Released 31/5-2010
Reviewed 28/5-2010


Well, this is quite the oddity we have received from Massacre Records, now they don’t just import music from nations, now they have imported a record from a band from another planet, namely the planet Xorgosh that apparently lies in a galaxy not far enough away, which may sound a bit alarming perhaps. They are listed as apocalyptic metal which sounds like a strange kind of genre, something I had not heard of. Therefore, I looked around on the interweb to find some information and found a place that listed this as having a science fiction lyrical theme, which reminded me of an australian band called Alchemist who I just realised sounds rather similar to these alien guys.

The music these aliens are trying to reap success on the hit lists with is a kind of darkish futuristic extreme metal, which feels sort of ill placed if you wish to make hits and earn money as such music has never struck gold and probably never will. If they just want to broaden the spectra of music on Earth they are not really that successful either since this kind of music has been done by Alchemist, sure it is a little bit different so I may have been a bit unfair there. Mammutant are very heavy in their futuristic metal which some might like and others don’t.

I you have every heard the band I keep namedropping here, then imagine that band with a heavier sound and you sort of have Mammutant.

I like Mammutant quite a bit, I was actually all the time until I listened today ready to give this band five H for this record but in the last listen I changes my mind and gave it one H less which is still a good rating for any record. I realised that I would have liked the music a little less heavy and a little more atmospheric as it would fit the lyrical theme better. Some say that such talk is just nitpicking, and that heavy music is the best. I don’t say that and I know very much what I like and it may be a personal preference rather than objective judgement but it is good, but it is really not spectacular in any any way.

I think that with this record Mammutant show a part of their potential and with some maturity and some more ventures into the more atmospheric side of things I am sure they will be at least as good as their australian rivals.

This record has twelve tracks that are a document of events at the aliens’ home planet, that is not far enough away as they have already stated. The music clocks in at 44:44 minutes which is a cool time, a tad long but well within the limit and that is always a positive. These tracks are rather good and some are really good.

The best track is not the ending one called Brainslug but rather the title track, Atomizer. But as said all the tracks are good and the production is rather cool but what can you expect from aliens whose technology is probably well beyond our own so an excellent production is to expect.

I think that this is the best band I have heard from outer space, and especially the best one from the planet Xorgosh. Just remember not to give them any power here on Earth as they seem to want to do more than just unleashing their music, something bad I think. Remember who told you so when they kill you in a few years time. Extreme metal aliens are never to be completely trusted even if their music is quite good, remember that when you listen to Mammutant.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Alchemist//
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm