Malevolent Creation
Invidious Dominion

1. Intro
2. United Hate
3. Conflict Finalized
4. Slaughterhouse
5. Compulsive Face Breaker
6. Lead Spitter
7. Target Rich Envrionment
8. Antagonized
9. Born Again Hard
10. Corruptor
11. Invidious Dominion

Brett Hoffman – vocals
Gio Geraca – guitars
Phil Fasciana – guitars
Jason Blachowicz – bass guitar
Gus Rios – drums

The Ten Commandments, (1991)
Retribution (1992)
Stillborn (1993)
Eternal (1995)
In Cold Blood (1997)
The Fine Art of Murder (1998)
Envenomed (2000)
The Will to Kill (2002)
Warkult (2004)
Doomsday X (2007)

Co-produziert, recorded and mixed by Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studio in Clearwater, Florida

Released 27/8-2010
Reviewed 21/8-2010


The Malevolent Creation are just about to release their eleventh album in about a week from now. It is of course a death metal album of the American school of rock. It is a genre which I am not really that fond of and that really raises a question in my mind, a question about how to review it, trying to figure out how the fans see the record or just writing down whatever I feel about the album. I went for the second approach as that is the easiest thing to do.

Musically it is as I said death metal of the American kind which means that it is not that fast and it is kind of brutal but not fast. The production for this album is made to suit the style of the music, the raw brutal feel is well caught here.

I don’t really care much for this kind of music and when it comes to Malevolent Creation there is no exception, I don’t like this record, it is boring, it is dull and it makes me fall asleep when I need to be awake and focused which is not good, it is not a good album.

I have to put in a reservation here though, as I am not really a fan of this band or the genre and I recognise that it is well made I can believe that it is a record that can appeal to the fans of the genre and certainly to the fans of the band.

You might ask yourself then why someone who is not a fan of the genre will review such an album and the answer given is very simple: we have no one more suitable for it and to fulfil our obligation to the labels who deliver the records to us we make time to review as many records as we possibly can and that means someone who is not really a fan of the genre will review the record. I can however say that I am very open minded when it comes to music and can like everything from pop to death metal, not just this death metal.

In the end I would say that if you like music you should stay away from Malevolent Creation, but if you like american death metal you might want to give them a chance.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Morbid Angel/Nile/Cannibal Corpse
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm