Los Sin Nombre - Blind Leading Blind

01. Ashes to ashes
02. Bleed
03. Blind leading blind
04. Breaking silence
05. Enemy
06. Infected
07. Our daily bread
08. Passing through
09. Raised in anger
10. Taker of innocence
11. Wounds

Pär Palm - vocals
Jack Karlsson - bass
Saul Camara - guitar
Martin Fogander - guitar
Linus Melchiorsen - drums



Johan Nilsson (studio)

Released: 13/11-2009
Review: 30/1-2010

vicisolum production

Blind leading blind, ashes to ashes, blood and enemies. That is the themes used in Los SIn Nombres album titled as the opening track on Sparzanzas super album 'In Voodoo Veritas'. Maybe the blind Swedes hoped to get some of the great response that followed the Voodoo-Swedes, but I don't think they will get that.

Los Sin Nombre play a slow kind of melodic death metal and their debut album is an eleven track long story that took eight months to finish in the studios. Which, apparently according to the label is important information, even though I don't realy see how the lenght of the studio work makes any kind of difference as long as the result is good. But sure, eight months is a while, it's almost as long as the thirteen years Guns 'n' Roses spent in the studio to do 'Chinese Democracy'. Or, well - close to it... They lost that battle by the straw of a hair.

Anyhow, enough about that. How does 'Blind Leading Blind' sound? Actually, it sounds better and better. It opens with the modest Ashes to Ashes and doesn't quite catch up with the real potential of the album until the third and album titled song. By then, a first impression has already started to form and that impression is maybe not the most flattering one for me, even though there's nothing to go round and complain about either. From there the albums grow almost by each song and clearly has it's best moments at the second half of the album. Track eight feels like a breakingpoint of the album, it's a still and relaxed instrumental song that's dividing the oceans of aggressive death around it.

Otherwise, the album is built by an aggressive sound, even though it has a pretty slow tempo. The vocalist screams very hard and the music is suprisingly heavy dispite the many melodies, which - I might add - are also pretty good. However, the overall impression I get from 'Blind Leading Blind' is that it have nothing that makes me attached to it. It's good, sort of, and well made, even interesting. I don't think it's repetitive or that the eleven songs moves around in cirkles, it varies well without straggling all over the place and the 42,5 minutes doesn't feel too long either. It's boring non the less.

In my opinion, Los Sin Nombre feels mature enough to enter the world of an album artist with this album and they indeed have material strong enough for it, at least for those with their head burried in the genre. It is a good album, undoubtedly, but I myself don't find it special in any way and therefore my grade stays at a modest "passed". Sparzanzas album is much more better and therefore the only conclusion I can draw is simply that voodoo beat blindness.

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Label - Vicisolum Production/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Lamb of God/Soilwork/Caliban
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm