01. Human Waste Erased
02. The Biggest Failure
03. Bow to No One
04. In the Line of Fire
05. Let the Axe Fall
06. Coffin Shaker
07. Hold the Hellevator
08. The Originators
09. Time to Die
10. Nothing's Changed
11. Parafright
12. Back for Blood

Christ (B & V)
Selle (D)
Adam (G & V)




Released: 4/6-2010
Reviewed: 28/6-2010

unrest records

Lautstürmer feels as a band that really hit the problem with the music industry today spot on. It lacks money. Latstürmer feels like a band that may, with a decent production, a good producer that could guide them right and some other things that big productions often get, do a fully decent album. But, that is unfortunately not the situation.

Instead 'Depopulator' is an album that has big problems fighting a totally worthless sound, so-so written songs, a hasted recording session and also that last bite that a good producer could have helped them get. The album as it sounds today is boring, tedious and frustrating to listen at. The very many short songs of 1-2 minutes sounds all to often as rattle, especially through the first couple of times you hear them - rattle with some untranslatable noise for vocals above. After some turns with the repeat button down you may start to guess your way through some details in the music which makes me suspect that there might be some competence in this band, but that lies buried deep down bellow all the noise.

The biggest problem is that most or everything sounds exactly the same. It doesn't make any difference at all that the longest song on this album is 2.33 when all 12 songs sounds more or less identical. It gets boring just the same. And tedious. And unbarable to hear.

I do think that it might have been a good album if there had been some money in this album, but I guess the whole point with this is that the music should sound cheap (or "true"), so that theory doesn't hold either. My point is that Lautstürmer is, no matter if it's a good or bad acquaintance with a better production, is an annoying piece of rattle where any competence this band might have is burried deep inside a thick wall of noise and is invisible for the viewer/listener. The tenth song actually defines this album pretty well, even if it would have been even more spot on if it were to be the last song - it is called Nothing's Changed.

My thumb goes down for Lautstürmers 'Depopulator'. I think very few people is born with the kind of patience you need to withstand these 12 songs of aggravating noise. It goes straight to the pile of albums I probably never will play in my stereo ever again.


Label - Rising Records/Gordeon Music
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Reviewer: Caj Källmalm