The Delirium Suite

01. Cataclysm
02. The Absentee
03. From the ashes...
04. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
05. Take the Blame
06. Enemies
07. Logical Fallacies
08. Cave Dweller
09. Bloodline
10. Prozac Gen.
11. Carpet-Slipper
12. Exit

Michael Ehrnsten – Vocals
Robert Bunke – Bass
Dennis Ehrnsten – Drums
Mats Karpestam – Guitars

For The Present Purpose (2008)



Released 12/11-2010
Reviewed 1/11-2010


Bands who take their name from a city or a place usually have some connection to that place, like Chicago, Boston or Texas and so on. As for Korea, I don’t quite know what the bandmembers have in terms of connections to Korea and wether that is the North or the South Korean nation they refer to with their name. Personally I don’t like any of them because whichever Korea you chose they have a very strange view on human life and humans.

Another thing thing that is usually something of a truth when speaking of bands that have a place for a name is that they play some kind of melodic rock music, this goes for Chicago and Boston that I mentioned earlier for instance. Korea share some characteristics with these said band but also with progressive space opera Ayreon. The said rock bands for the general sound landscape but with a much modern sound and the rock opera for they keyboard and atmospheric sound that can be heart and points on this album. The sound is with a high pitched vocalist and a very melodic rock sound, not quite with the distinctive choruses that is usual in the genre but with the same very clean production, but also with a very modern sound.

The cover feels a bit like the third track on the record, From the Ashes which goes something like: “burn down, build up again…” and so on, which can be said about the the highrise that is being built or torn down on the cover from this record. It is a cover that reflect quite well on what can be expected to be heard for the buyer of this record.

I think this is a very good album with a sound to be envied and with generally good songs. The feeling is though that is feels a bit dreary towards the end of the record, the record might be a tad long.

This record has some problems though, the songs feel a bit too similar to one another giving this record a character of similitude, which is something I don’t like too much. I think the songs need more character and need to stand on their own a bit more than they do on this album. Sure the third track, From the Ashes is a very good one with a great chorus and a general good feel to it, but it is only that, because that is the only track I can remember from the entire record, the rest just blend together and fade into oblivion when the record ends. Just a small impression that I have heard something good remains, no memories of songs or anything and that is something I like with a record, to remember songs that is.

In the end there is not much to complain about when it comes to Korea, I think they ought to look into making their songs have a bit more character and maybe they should also work a bit harder on listening through their albums before releasing them in the future, I am quite sure they too would have heard the problems with too similar songs. It is a a good record though, but it feel a bit unfinished.


Label - Vicisolum/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - //
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm