Kellermensch - s/t

1. Into
2. Moribund town
3. Nothing left
4. Dirt in the ground
5. The day you walked
6. Dead end
7. Black dress
8. All time low
9. Don´t let it bring you down
10. Loss

Christian Sindermann
Anders Trans,
Sebastian Wolff
Jan V. Laursen
Claudio W. Suez
John V. Laursen.




Released: 27/1-2010
Reviewed: 20/1-2010


Danish band Kellermensch or basement people or something like that as it might be translated into if you know German, Swedish, Danish and English are about to dump their debut album into our lap. Apparently they must already have done so in their home nation as they are apparently nominated to debut album of the year or something like that. One can never know much about some bands released on strange labels so all of it might be true.

Musically this is a multi directional album which is a mixture of styles that flow in many directions. The production has a sound that is more or less clean, sometimes more, sometimes less. The songs vary a lot in style both in the songs and between the songs and it really doesn’t sound like anything else, but at the same time it sounds more or less like everything else. Stylewise it is rather hard to get a real grip of this album which starts with a song that reminds quite a bit of Roy Orbison but with very heavy drums, that actually tend to be quite annoying.

There is not really much to like when it comes to this album, it is too shattered when it comes to style and influences, it is too incoherent, there is no red line running through the record and I start to wonder why they did it. Were they only trying out some new studio equipment and recorded it all? Why was this record made and what were the intentions? I have a hard time figuring out anything good about this record.

Still, there are some positives, nothing is ever completely dark, not even my life. This record bares a witness of some brilliant ideas. Had this band been able to weave their ideas together in a more homogenous way this mix of style and interesting sounds could really bring out an interesting style of music and of course interesting and possibly a good record. This record however is nowhere near this thing.

I most of the time just find myself annoyed and uninterested when I listen to this record, Kellermensch and their self titled album does not really move me in any way. I think Kellermensch has ideas but they don’t manage to show anyone much of these ideas in their first album.

So in the end Kellermensch should stay down there in the basement as their debut album don’t really go above ground level.


Label - Persona Non Grata/Triada
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm