Iron Fate
Cast in Iron

1. The Arrival
2. Iron Fate
3. Resurrection
4. Lightning Bolt
5. Imagine A Better World
6. Killer Instinct
7. Rage In A Cage
8. War In The Streets
9. Painful Sorrow

Denis Brosowski – Vox
Harms Wendler – Guitars
Martin Pflugmacher – Guitars Jan Abraham – Bass Sascha Wendler – Drums



Released 2/7-2010
Reviewed 10/8-2010


The warning bells always sound in my mind when I encounter bands with names containing the most common metal on Earth and with the title of this band’s debut album these bells are hardly sounding any less, overuse of Iron should always be a warning to anyone I think. If you don’t agree, look at Iron Maiden or Iron Fire for instance if you don’t believe me.

Musically this band swims in the biggest part of the metal stream I think, with their powerful fairly fast riffs and falsetto vocals this band reminds quite a bit of Judas Priest and rather similar band Primal Fear which in itself is not that negative since both these bands are really good. It may indicate that the band lacks a bit in personality.

I kind of like this genre and of course a group of the bands in the same, especially those who went before and those with their own sense of personal touch, there is something about making you own thing, and I honestly don’t really think that is what Iron Fate is doing, it sounds a tad like they are just copying their idols.

Maybe you think I sound negative now, and maybe I am, Iron Fate is in no way a bad band, they do what they do well, their music is well produced, well written and has a lot of energy. The thing is just that if you have been around for a while and heard quite a bit of bands in this genre then it may not be as easy to take this to heart.

I think Iron Fate clearly show some talent and skill when it comes to their sound and instrumentation, they do however lack a bit of skill when it comes to the songwriting. Maybe with age they will improve, this is the first album after all.

The songs on Cast in Iron are mainly fast but there is a bit of variation but the songs go to heard quickly and you can almost sing along already the first time you hear the album. The songs are however, immediately forgotten as soon as the record stops playing on the stereo or in the headphones. Easy sing-along and easy forgotten is maybe a short sentence to describe this album.

The record is not too long, less than 40 minutes which is something positive especially when music like this often tend to get tedious when listening to it for a long time. It does feel a bit sad that the band just does what other have done and don’t listen to what they want themselves, and I can clearly say that I will chose Painkiller over this any time and any day of the week, it is just that much better.

Are you a fan of heavy or power metal and really enjoys that genre I am sure you will really like this as it is a very good record. If you are more of a casual fan of the genre it will probably not speak enough to you.

In the end though I would say that this is a good record that fans of the genre will probably enjoy but for me and for us who value more personality in music this is not as fun. Good music but it has been done before and done better.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Primal Fear/Judas Priest/Iron Maiden
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm