Incite - The Slaughter

1. Intro
2. The Slaughter
3. Nothing to Fear
4. Army of Darkness
5. Time for a Change
6. Divided we Fail
7. Rage
8. Tyranny's End
9. Die With What You've Done
10. Down and Out
11. End Result
12. Awekening

Richie Cavalera (V)
Kevin McAllister (G)
Luis Marrufo (B)
Zak Sofaly (D)



Logan Mader (prod.)

Released: 2/11-2009
Reviewed: 11/2-2010

i scream records

I listened to 'Damage Done' by Dark Tranquillity before I hooked up on this album - you know, just to get a good sense of what needs to be achieved to get a good rating these days (this album from 2002 is no matter how you look at it a great album). After hearing 'The Slaughter a number of times, my guess that this album wouldn't really be able to make 'Damage Done' look bad still stands but quite suprisingly it's not that far behind it.

It may sound very positive to compare a band that so far only has released a self financed Ep with the experienced Swedes, and sure - I agree wtih that. This is a suprisingly good debut from these Americans and even though it sounds a bit cheap and low budget from time to time this isn't something you think about. Overall this feels like a nice kind of American melodic death metal, it's hard and shouty, and fast - kind of raw/dirty on the edges and it build more on the melody than technique. Also, Incite doesn't have tons of keyboards and electronics, the melodies are built by drums, base and guitars instead. But the melodies isn't what takes your attention right away, the first thing to strike you is the vocal-parts.

In the information sheet that's handed to us journalists, they go on and on and on about this Richie Cavalera. Such a genious he is and all that classic stuff that makes him sound like our new saviour. Maybe he will be that, I don't know, but on the vocal front he's definitly not a saviour. The vocal part sounds okay, nothing more. I think it's the worst thing with this album - it's too shouty and annoying, not at all harmonical and flowing. Along with the music it works decent, but I would have aimed for something better if I were to chose. When I thought about it a little I remembered the last time i heard a debut with the quality of this one and soon realized it was Omega Lithiums 'Dreams in Formale' from last fall. That album was even better than this one, and the reason I have come up with is that it can only be because of the vocals.

Seen to the instrumental performance it's nothing strange about it as previously menthioned. It hard and varied, nothing ground breaking or unique, but quite nice to listening at. I especially like the flow and melodies and when we've worked through the 12 songs (eleven songs and an intro) and the high 37 minutes feels as a working lenght with Incite. I don't really feel a killing urge to hear it right again after it's ended, but it wouldn't kill me to do so. Get it? I'm a killer and this album a slaughter... or something.

'The Slaughter' might feel like a somewhat silly album wearing that name and having those song titles. Look for your self in the tracklist on your left (not that this matter when you can't hear what the shouting is all about anyway). The album is, in any case, pretty decent and with a little luck, Incite might even become a new As I Lay Dying (and pherhaps even as good as those fellow Americans). But the next thing up is to make a second album that matches this or is even better, because that's something most bands that do a good debut struggle with on their second release. We'll see what happens there, but from this review, Incite can take an easy pass along with them. It's not a masterpiece or something like that, but an album that should make it in to most death metalers heart.


Label - I scream Records/Gordeon Music
Three similar bands - Arise/As I Lay Dying/Impaled Nazerine
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm