Imperial State Electric

1. A Holiday From My Vacation
2. Lord Knows I Know That It Ain't Right
3. Resign
4. Throwing Stones
5. I'll Let You Down
6. I Got All Day Long
7. Lee Anne
8. Deja Vu
9. Together in the Darkness
10. Alive
11. Diseased Pieces of My Heart
12. Redemption's Gone

Nicke Andersson: lead vocals, guita
Dolf de Borst: vocals, bass
Tobias Egge: voclas, guitar
Thomas Eriksson: drums



Nicke Andersson (producer)

Släppt 2010-05-28
Recenserad 2010-06-17


An Imperial state has some electric or something in that fashion was the thought of Nicke Andersson of Hellacopters who was the founder of the band. I wonder from where he got that idea since a name like that is really useless, and a really bad name. I wonder where people get the ideas to band names some time, but really to even think of a name like Imperial State Electric, that tells of a mind that is not really working right. Well, it is not the name that is the main focus of this review fortunately but ever so often a band with a really bad name is often not a very good band. So, is this band any exception? read on and you will learn (or take a peek at the rating).

Musically this band is not really revolutionary, they tread the well-treaded path of the AOR, you know where the likes of Journey, Toto, W.E.T. Cheap Trick, 101 South, 707 and several more have threaded before. Nothing wrong with that of course but still, it is hard to be noticed and stand out in such a well crowded area. It is a genre that I like however so it might be somewhat easier to get to my liking. The production is as is usual in this genre very clean and spotless as is often the case in modern music. That is at least one thing I cannot complain about, the production that is.

The record starts with a track called Holiday From My Vacation which seems like an odd thing to wish for but who am I to judge. It is a good song to start with and it sets the tone for the rest of the record. It is a song with a catchy chorus around which the rest of the song is built, much like the genre in general really. The same goes for the rest of the tracks on the record, all songs are easy-accessible and has singalong type choruses all the way through. Nothing really inventive or different in any way when it comes to the music but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is bad or less good.

The record is of a good length as well, clocking in at less than 40 minutes it is around the ideal length of almost any record, as it is hard to keep the attention of a record for longer than that. Despite this I find this record rather forgettable, the songs don’t really stick and you kind of listen to the record and find it decent and then it just ends without leaving any kind of impression. Well, that was not entirely true since I can recall that the record ends in strange way, the last song is a strange song to end with and it ends in a strange way, at least to my mind. It gives a sense of: “what was that all about” and then you forget the record.

Sure it is well-produced and the songs are okay but it feels like it has been done before, so many times that it is hard to really care any more, kind of like all the newer Hollywood films with sequels or prequels or remakes, nothing new and unique there anymore either. In short, the material is lacking in interest and feels tired and old, kind of like an arthritic hamster.

No, Imperial State Electric really fails to create that electric feeling a really good record in the melodic rock genre can create, their self titled debut is really something forgetful. However, I am quite sure that this record will sell quite alright thanks to the connection with Hellacopters who are quite big here in Sweden so it is as usual, the tired and uncreative outsells the interesting stuff. Imperial State Electric’s only electrical energy comes from the powerlines to their amps, nothing else, this is one dull and forgetful release.


Bolag - Psychout Records/Sound Pollution
Tre liknande band - Journey/Cheap Trick/707
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm