Hellsingland Underground
Madness & Grace

1. The Spark That Never Dies
2. Shuffle Day To Day
3. Forever Damned
4. Vera
5. Church Bells Through The Valley
6. Stickin’ With You
7. Diabolic Greetings From The Woods
8. Full Buck Moon
9. Debauchery
10. A Short Time In The Sun
11. Poor Boy
12. Madness & Grace

CHARLIE GRANBERG - Lead Vocals, Harmonica
MATS OLSSON - Lead & Rythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
MARTIN KARLSSON - Bass, Backing Vocals
PATRIK JANSSON - Drums & Percussion, Backing Vocals
PETER HENRIKSSON - Lead & Rythm Guitars, Backing Vocals

Hellsingland Underground (2008)



Released 16/4-2010
Reviewed 5/3-2010


Hälsingland is a county in the southern parts of the northern regions of Sweden, a place where inbreeds are usual where siblings marry and get children a place where civilisation is a bit different and uncivilised. A place that occupies most of Sweden, Norrland, the so-called northern regions of Sweden that is, Hälsingland is just a small part of that. Ljusdal is a small town in Hälsingland, a place where parts of this band reside and come from. A place not too far from where I live, just about 250km and just 90km from the place where my company has its office, and very close in northern Swedish distance terms.

I have driven through Ljusdal many times, stopped there to eat once or twice and it seems like an idyllic place by the river Ljusnan, it looks quite beautiful really. That is from the outside. According to the songs from this band the real story is a tad different with deaths, drugs, people turning strange beyond recognition (maybe it has something to do with alien abductions). That is what their music is about lyrically but musically it is a different story.

The music don’t quite reflect that which the lyrics deal with, it sounds much more positive and a bit old, like southerners rock from the states, same cliental of people with inbreeds might have something to do with that, I know I am a bit mean but that’s just who I am.

I think this is rather good to have in your ears while working or something but I cannot help but thinking that this record is a bit anonymous. Musically it is rather good and well done but there is something amiss to make it a really good record, it is not a record that I willingly always think of selecting for play and it is not a record I think of when I think about listening to something.

Best track is the one with the number five but besides that I cannot say that any track make any impression, not even number five makes any real impression it is just the one that feels best one listening to the album.

So in the end I have no real bad things to say about this record, it is a bit anonymous and I feel it tend to fall apart when I really listen to it but as background music it is great.


Label - Killed By Records/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Neil Young/Bob Dylan/Thin Lizzy
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm