Grimmstine - s/t

1. Memory
2. 911
3. Supernatural
4. Got Nothing But Time
5. To Catch A Killer
6. You'll Never Know
7. It's Over
8. Prisoner
9. You Give Me Love
10. Straight As An Arrow
11. Til They Take My Wings
12. Take This Air
13. Afraid Of The Dark
14. This Don't Look Like Love To Me
15. To Sing A Lullabye (Immy's Song)

Dave Johnson : Drums
Steve Stine : Guitar
Steve Grimmett : Vocals
Hat : Bass




Released: 23/10-2009
Reviewed: 29/1-2010


The singer from ”NWOBHM cult band” Grim Reaper, Steve Grimmett join forces with a guy from America called Steve Stine. They form together with bass player Hat and drummer Dave Johnson a band called Grimmstine who released their debut album back in october. Some say this album is a mixed breed between NWOBHM heavy metal and American heavy metal, and that the singer died and became a reaper, all we know is that he’s called the Grimmstine.

No matter, I simply cut it from here with the ship’s laser, which of course means that this album is rather straight kind of heavy metal music with a melodic side to it. Of course it has a very clean production just as modern bands today usually have, one can also state that this band is rather straight ahead with no compromises and that of course makes the heavy metal guy go all ”woohoo” and then he runs and buys the record or something, I don’t really know which.

I on the other hand do not really care that much for the so-called straight ahead no compromises heavy metal as it usually tend to be rather boring with several o’s just to emphasise just how boooring it is. So what about Grimmstine? are the boring with many o’s? are they maybe fun? or just a band? Well, I would say look to the left at the list of tracks or shall I say novel of tracks? I mean fifteen tracks on a heavy metal record is just how much no matter how you look at it.

So I am not all that positive even though I like the second track (first real) 911 and also the fifth To Catch a Killer both of them are very good but I tend to feel at track five that it should signal the beginning of the end of this record, two or three more tracks and then end. Now however, they have ten tracks after and that is just too damn much, it does not matter how you look at it it is just to damn much, too much tracks, leave it at eight. The record clocks at about 70 minutes while it should ideally be something like 35-45 minutes since you tend to loose interest rather fast as the music becomes rather identical when it is so straightforward and this is exactly what happens when I listen to Grimmstine. Maybe they should look towards Helix that I reviewed just days ago, their record is much shorter and better.

The only lasting impression that I have from this record is the wish for it to end, especially when I pass the fifth or sixth track and that is what I bring into this review, which of course cannot really be seen as a positive thing.

So in end there is just one thing I think of, when will this record end?

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Label - Metal Heaven/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Soul Doctor/Helix/Grim Reaper
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm