Grand Design - Time Elevation

1. Love Sensation
2. Slugged Out
3. Air It Out
4. Piece Of The Action
5. Sad Sound Of Goodbye
6. No Time For Love
7. Hello Mr. Heartache
8. Let’s Go Down Fighting
9. Sheik Iddup
10. Love Will Know

Pelle Saether - Vocals
Peter Ledin - Guitar
Dennis Vestman – Guitar
Richard Holmgren – Drums
Anders Modd – Bass



Produced by Pelle Saether

Released: 23/10-2009
Reviewed: 18/1-2010


Swedish Grand Design released their debut in October last year, and they are one of the bands I have in my long backlog of records to review. I put away this band because I had other records i felt was more interesting in the list of records to review.

This is also a band that has received very good reviews all around the interweb and that is something that could indicate an interesting record. I on the other hand never have any expectations since I have realised that they anyway just leads to disappointments and if they are realised it is not as good as being positively surprised so therefore I never expect anything even though this band was playing AOR which I like and was on their own myspace compared to TNT, a band I really like. So playing music in a genre I like and reminding people of a band I like.

Musically the band is playing that melodic style of rock music that is sometimes called AOR and they do it in the regular sound with catchy choruses and high pitched vocals, they actually do remind quite a bit of TNT. I also like their record cover which looks rather nice and their logo looks rather decent as well, so I can clearly indicate that this record has several things working for it.

Initially I had no positive feel for this record, the first time I herd it it did not grab my attention. Now I have managed to get something like ten times through this record, which is like I always do as I listen to records I shall review and the main feel I have is who are those people who gives this record so high points. I mean full points and just half a point below the full point, that is just strange and I cannot see why they give such high notes. Still it is in no way a poor record, rather the other way around, the songs are decent and the style is how I like it.

Still I have a little problem with this record: it is a record I have heard before, not the record but the style and the sound, it sounds just like a poorer record by, say TNT or some similar band. I would much rather recommend that you pick up a record by TNT than this one and that is not because this is so bad, it is just that TNT did this before and this is too similar to be of any interest really.

If you feel I am being a bit harsh on Gran Design, well maybe I am, but still maybe not. This record just did not grab me in any way and I felt kind of nothing as I had listened through it, it did not leave any mark on me as a listener. I might be sort of damaged by hearing as many record as I have and that may influence me in some way but I still recognise a great record when I hear them and this is not one of them. This record is decent and it has some good tracks but it is really nothing to write home about.

In the end I would just recommend you if you are looking at an AOR-band to discover, to look at either TNT or W.E.T. who are rather similar bands but both of them feels a lot more fresh and interesting than Gran Design does.

Time Elevation will never be elevated into a position of greatness, at least not for me.

Presentation Grand Design

HayDee | MySpace Video


Label - Metal Heaven
Three similar bands - TNT/W.E.T./Toto
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm