The Phoney Tough & the Crazy Brave

1. The Phoney Tough & the Crazy Brave
2. So I'm Told
3. Bleed on the Inside

Glen - Guitar/Vocals
Neil - Guitar
Gav - Bass
Effon - Drums

Fight and Survive (Single, 2007)
Brothers In Arms (EP, 2008)



Released 17/9-2010
Reviewed 14/9-2010


British band Godsized are returning with a new EP, their second so far in the career and it has a long name that I am too lazy to write out here in the review so if you want to read it sometimes while you read this review you can always glance at the title so that I don’t need to write such a long name. Actually I think that text was much more than throwing in a few titles throughout the text but now I wrote that so it would be even more unnecessary work to write it now.

Anyway, back to business now, a new EP by Godsized, their second one as I stated before. So where do I start? Maybe with the cover which has a soldier on it, well actually he is dead, maybe from being burned in napalm or perhaps he took a bath in acid because he is only a skeleton now, but both these theories are a bit weak since the clothes are still there. But lets leave the artwork now and look into the music instead which is a sort of groovy hardrock with a bit of energy and attitude. Three songs it is on this EP and timewise it is fifteen minutes more or less and that is a rather good time, enough to get to know the band and still short enough to make you wish for more if you like the groovy rock’n’roll that this band play.

The music is easy accessible and the music gets to your mind even though they don’t repeat their choruses in absurdum like their countrymen in Iron Maiden. Did I say it was groovy and heavy? Well it is.

I kind of like it, even though I will never confess myself to be the biggest fan of this band as they lack that kind of extra that make them stand out from the crowds and for me reviewing records I can promise you all that there are quite a lot of crowds waiting to be reviewed by me at all times and I play eight to fifteen records every day so it takes something special to stand out, and that something is missing for Godsized.

Even though that something I cannot define is missing from the music, it is still a good record, no doubt, it is well made and has a nice groove to it and I am really sure that people who like this kind of rock music will really like this one as well, it is really good.

This is a really good record even if some boring reviewers says it disappears in a cloud of other records.


Label - Global Music
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm