Fatal Smile - World Domination

01. S.O.B.
02. Stranger
03. Primed & Ready
04. Too Far Down
05. No Tomorrow
06. Out Of My Head
07. Run For Your Life
08. Fatal Smile
09. Straight To Hell
10. Eve Of War
11. Six String Gun
12. Pissed Off

Zteff : Drums
Y : Guitar
Blade : Vocals
Alx : Bass

Beyond Reality (2002)
Neo Natural Freaks (2006)
World Domination (2008)



Released: 11/12-2009
Reviewed: 9/2-2010


I was really wondering about this album when I got it, wondering what it would be that I was to hear when I started playing it. The sort of dragon type cover and nice little digipack saying special edition is quite intriguing but the band photos are not very interesting and they make me wonder if I should just toss this record onto the garbage pile. Not really sure I would want to listen but as my sworn duty I take on the task and make digital files of the songs (the CD does not fit in my iPod) and then start listen to them.

Musically it is not even close to world changing or world shattering. It is the traditional glam type hardrock that we have heard before. Raw and energetic rock music with attitude, much like the other bands in this genre. It is sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, things that I really cannot be bothered about so I wish to turn the page fast and move on.

The opening song makes me so bored that I want to kill myself really, fortunately there are some decent songs on the record. Like the song called Fatal Smile, but really nothing to write home about there either. Production’s good though.

Fatal Smile does not make me smile at all, well maybe I will make a fatal smile if I die when i am bored to death while listening to most of these songs. Well, that came out a bit rough, it sounds like I really hate this record and I do, well I don’t really do. I think this record is rather well made, the productions is excellent, it is the songwriting that needs some looking over.

This Swedish band not only looks rather dull, they also write songs in the same fashion. So really, what’s the point? I mean this is a decent record with that is well produced with a sound that works well. However, it does not really contribute anything new and interesting when it comes to music. This fact especially raises the question as to why anyone would like to make a re-issue of a record released less than two years earlier and with only two dull bonus tracks and pointless video add ons from the original version. Sure the cover has a different colour but it is not better because of that. The answer is that this record and especially this re-release is completely pointless.

Musically this record is rather decent but it is completely pointless, I give it a three for the music but if I was also to review the point of this record and if I had bought the first release already I would give it a one. Please make something new, re-releases after just a year is just stupid. I will never smile because of this record maybe a fatal smile now that I will throw this record away.


Label - FS Productions/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Mötley Crüe/Hanoi Rocks/Easy Action
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm