Fair Warning
Talking Ain’t Enough – Live in Tokyo

CD 1 : Tokyo January 2010
1. Intro
2. Out on the run
3. Here comes the heartache
4. Save me
5. Angels of heaven
6. Dont give up
7. Sakura/Kashmir
8. Generation jedi
9. Dont keep me waiting
10. The last goodbye (keyboardfeature)
11. Falling reprise
12. Long gone
13. Hey girl
CD 2 : Tokyo January 2010 forts.
1. Walking on smiles
2. I`ll be there
3. Longing for love
4. I fight
5. Still I believe
6. Burning heart
7. Get a little closer
8. When love fails
9. Fighting for your love
1. Intro
2. Angels of heaven
3. Save me
4. Generation jedi
5. Out on the run
6. Here comes the heartache
7. Long gone
8. Longing for love
9. I fight
10. Don`t give up
11. Burning heart
12. Get a little closer
13. When love fails
(DVD has same tracks on two DVDs)

Tommy Heart – vocals
Helge Engelke – guitars
Ule W. Ritgen – bass
C.C. Behrens – drums

1992 Fair Warning
1995 Rainmaker
1997 Go!
2000 Four
2006 Brother`s Keeper
2009 Aura



Released 22/11-2010
Reviewed 2/11-2010


I honestly consider live albums as necessary as fat free butter. It kinda takes away the whole point with what an album is and are, which is the opposite of a live show. I think that if you now have to document your live shows, the video form must be considerable much better? At least then it is something in the way of being there when you can see both band and audience and get somewhat of a picture on how things were. Albums with live material is out-dated if you ask me, they contribute with absolutely nothing unless it’s a bigger thing with it – like a best-of album from a festival or as Metallica and Kiss have done when they’ve played along a symphony orchestra. Or when bands do complete albums live, like Magnum did with ‘Wings of Heaven’ a couple of years ago.

Fair Warnings new live-piece is well played, well done and well produced, but it’s just an ordinary live album without any added elements or news. Fair Warning was one of the 90’s biggest underground bands and reunited Four years ago after a Five year long break and to be something out of this band it’s very grand and well arranged with classic songs coming in even streams and both newer and less classic songs adding up to it. But I never find something to hold on to. I only feel as it is something pointless and can’t escape the fact that we have all these songs on album and most of us get the chance to see them live when they are on tour so why do we need this album when all it delivers is all their songs in random order played live?

Well, to that question I can’t find an answer. Fair Warnings definition of when it ain’t enough to talk is therefore the same as my definition as live albums without purpose. They play heavy metal in the spirit of the big bands of the 80’s, like Europe or Scorpions or the other bands that were big 20 years ago. And they play well with an audience that can be heard from time to time. Otherwise I think the biggest difference is the bonus numbers with the extra solos and talking in between as well as the mix that has placed the vocals lower in volume compared to the instruments than what was the case on the studio versions.

However, in my book this is a fair warning: If you want to buy something completely pointless, which sounds worse than in their original form and something you’ll probably never will play anyway – buy the CD. But seeing how it comes as a DVD as well – something I however didn’t get for reviewing – I do think that gives more value for the money considering the fact that you then will see the band perform. This review however can’t consider this possible visual candy since I haven’t seen it and can’t hope that I have right about what we’ll see and give grade from my hopes. But what I can say is that this album sounds good… but if we were to consider really pointless things in the world, you would have stuff like microvawe popcorn, mixed lemonade and brown without sun. As well as this album.


Label - Playground/SPV
Three similar bands - Scorpions/Europe/Savatage
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm