Eye For and Eye

1. Never Be Free
2. Ask No Questions
3. Until I’m Done
4. Getting Old
5. Downfall
6. Seven Gods Of Chaos
7. Final Sunrise
8. It's Been A Long Time
9. Another Life
10. Brother

Tom Norris - Guitar, Vocals
Tom Bull - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Ford - Bass
Rich Cowdry - drums




Released: 19/4-2010
Reviewed: 27/4-2010


Well, records from Gordeon music are usually quite boring and often times they are really bad. So naturally I was a bit doubtful when it came to this record, but open minded as I am I placed the record in the player on the computer and converted the tracks into AAC-files to play on my little white player made by a fruit company. However, this record promised something else as I played the record for the first time.

Musically this is heavy, midtempo hardrock music with some traces of the grunge perhaps but really more like classical heavy rock, maybe parallels can be drawn to bands like Black Sabbath or Black Label Society, I don’t know. The production is well made to lift the sound of the band, really nothing to complain about there.

I find this record to be quite good really and I cannot find anything to complain about really. Well, maybe the lack of a real hit song can be cause for complaints but that is more or less weighted by the quality of all the tracks on the record. Still a hit song will always be amiss at a record of this genre. Thing is though, that this is not a big problem, I kind of like listening to this record and it was a positive surprise as well.

It certainly seems that these brits do know what they are doing despite the fact that they have just released their debut album. This seems to indicate that with a bit of routine this band may surely release some stunning material in the future, but of course as have often been shown I am rather poor when it comes to guessing how a new band will fare so it may as well be the other way around.

In the end though I like this record and for a debut it is really good, my only wish is that it had a proper hit song that could really lift this record to a higher level. Downfall does not seem to be the downfall of this band.


Label - Rising Records/Gordeon Music
Three similar bands - Black Label Society//
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm