Enemy of the Sun

1. Lithium
2. Another end of the rainbow
3. I am one
4. Chasing the dragon
5. Castaways in the n.w.o.
6. The power of mankind
7. Ticket
8. Paradigm
9. Try out
10. The golden horizon
11. Sky shooting stars
12. Stolen sky
13. Aimless
14. In memoriam

Waldemar Sorychta - Guitars
Jules Näveri - Vocals
Alla Fedynitch - Bass
Daniel Zeman - Drums

Shadows (2007)


Released 2010-06-01
Recenserad 2010-05-28


Caedium, that is latin for self inflicted death, not necessarily suicide, could be accidents or similar. This reflects on the lyrical theme which is about how mankind slowly kills itself without really knowing it, how’s that for caedium? Now you think: that this guy knows everything, but I just got it from the sheet that follows the record, the information and selling points that is.

This band is the brainchild of Waldemar Sorychta who has experience from amongst others Grip Inc. which also incidentally is a band that sounds quite similar to this. Cauedium is rather heavy and finds itself in the metal genre and more than that is really difficult to genre place this band, the influences heard on the album are many and far between making it a rather complex piece of music, in a way it is like Grip Inc. so if you’ve heard them, then you know at least in which region the band belong. Sure there are differences and they are quite many, so I would definitely say that no one could call them a clone of Grip Inc. which would not really be a problem considering the quality of their latest offering Incorporated.

When we look deeper into the music we find a very interesting startup, the intro is quite great and really builds expectations for the record. These are expectations the band somewhat fails to meet but they are definitely not failing to make good music however. These is a few problems with this record and one of them is the length of the record, 56 minutes is just too long for just about any band. Sure there are some exceptions to this time rule but Caedium is not one of these.

There are some traces of Incorperated by Grip Inc. throughout this record, which I cannot really see as anything of a negative as this record is quite great. When these parts come up I really like this, but then comes something that is not so fun and not so interesting really. This does not mean that this is a poor showing, rather the opposite, the problem with this record is just that it is too long and that destroys some of the good feelings for this record.

Another thing that disturbs me a little with this record is that it feels a bit unfocused which sort of destroys it a little. The fact is that the mind tends to wonder about and you loose your focus on what you hear and no matter the 12 times I have listened to this record, I still can’t quite focus all the way through, which is not really that positive.

In the end though I like this record, it is strong, heavy and has good songs, especially the one called Paradigm which is a great track. In this track the potential of this band is revealed and you see that they are so much more than the rest of the record, I just hope they can manage to focus their work a bit better and make it full of songs of the same caliber as Paradigm, then we would have a high rated album by this band.

So, Enemy of the Sun is not only our enemy, they know how to make music as well, Cyber Thrash Metal that is.


Bolag - Massacre Records
Tre liknande band - Grip Inc./Eyes of Eden/
Recensent: Daniel Källmalm