End of Green
High Hopes in Low Places

01 Blackened Eyes
02 Goodnight Insomnia
03 Carpathian Gravedancer
04 Under The Sway
05 Tie Me A Rope… While You’re Calling My Name
06 High Hopes In Low Places
07 An Awful Day
08 Saviour
09 Slaves
10 Starlight

Michelle Darkness (V & G)
Kirk Kerker (G)
Lusiffer (D)
Sad Sir (G)
Hampez (B)

The Sicks Sense (2008)
Dead End Dreaming (2005)
Last Night on Earth (2003)
Songs for a Dying World (2002)
Believe... My Friend (1998)
Infinity (1996)


Corni Bartels (prod)

Released 20/8-2010
Reviewed 2/9-2010


In my world, green is a good color. It means good things, Like in Hallowed's reviews, to have a sentence marked in green means it's a good album. In daily speech as well, good things are often claimed as green. Like green numbers, green sanctions and so on. Green is also a synonym to being enviromental friendly, which is something good (note that I say enviromental, not climate since climate is only a bunch of words uttered to scare people withut proofs).

So when this band say it's the end of green and comes playing music to our ears, that ought to mean it the end of good. Here comes a really shitty band. And this asumption only get bigger when you look at the logo, sine it looks like to logo of a band that play a lot of noise without the least of a thought,and making strange sounds and call them vocals, But that's not the case.

End of Green play good music. I for myself have heard them a couple of times before, but never really felt it's someting to make further notes about. Now, however, this might be the time to change that because what I hear on 'High Hopes in Low Places' is a piece of really interesting music. It lies well inside the gothic genre, in the harder department, and my thought goes almost directly to their countrymen in Lacrimas Profundere as well as bands like The 69 Eyes and Entwine. Nothing strange, nothing complicated, only really angry gothic metal that goes straight ahead and feel free to shout out their messages a bit extra strong from time to time. Other times it's more atmospheric and the kind of vocals changes between mad shouts and dark trollish noises as well as almost desperat American country kind of vocals.

The music also goes into the wide perspective when it comes to the instrumental parts. Acustical guitars share space with super distorted electric ones and the drums are sometimes played entierly on the cymbals but sometimes they almost goes into blastbeats and even though somewhere in between is the most common way they play it, the spectra goes all the way between these two extremes. The bass is played mostly very heavy, but sometimes even this little fellow gets a holliday, even though it's somewhere between 4-5 weeks out of a possible 52 in the year. The tempo also gets hollidays, mostly it's a pretty low tempo, kind of soft hard music. But some songs really kicks you between the legs, like changing a Labrador dog for a Malinoise. it goes from easy and calm to a total wirlwind that isn't possible to stop.

I Like 'High Hopes in Low Places'. It gives hope, even in the lower mods. It delievers good songs, good mood, a good feeling and not the least three good quarters of music in varied characteristics, yet all just as interesting all the way trough. It's the kind of album where you either like all or none of the songs, because even though the tempo, character and heavyness differs, the style remains the same and some sort of brown/grey foggyness rests over the album. Like a fog resting over a curvy landscape: some tree tops and hills may be visible over the fog here and there, yet the fog is still a fog - just like End of Greens 'High Hopes in Low Places' is 'High Hopes in Low Places', no matter if the surface may be a little different.

To sumarize, this is one of the best albums of the year so far. At least that I've heard.


Label - Silverdust/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Lacrimas Profundere/The 69 Eyes/The Eternal
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm