Destroyed by Creation

1. Straight to Hell
2. The Rage Within
3. Slaves to a Tyrant's Reign
4. Wargames
5. Nightmare Asylum
6. Nostromo
7. The End of Days
8. The Eliminator
9. Rising From the Grave
10. Release the Anger
11. Hells Battlefield
12. Destroyed by Creation

Neil Stevens - Vocals
Daz Abbott - Guitar
Dave Spicer - Guitar
Justin Smith - Bass
Will Roswell - drums




Släppt: 2010-04-19
Recenserad: 2010-05-03


I heard a truly amazing record today, I had to play it several times, three in fact as it was just that great. This record is not it however, this one I could only play once as it unfortunately is not that amazing, how not amazing you will learn as I write further on down this page.

I am not that much of a thrash metal fan, I like a good thrash record, they can be amazing really but they can also be truly awful. Elimination is not awful though. There is one thing that can be said about metal in general and extreme metal in particular and that is a real lack of individuality, metallers are probably one of the most unindividual genres in the world, they always need to be part of a society and accepted within that and that is something that is even more so in the extremer parts of the music. I like the exception to these generalisations but unfortunately Elimination is not one of these. Elimination feels more like they want to make true thrash metal than good music, I do not care much for that.

I would not say that they are a bad band, they are rather alright musically. I do not vomit when I hear them like I do when I hear Endstille, Destruction or Sodom for instance. They just like this feel of them making music of their own, it feels like they make someone elses music and that they do not really want to do that.

Have you heard Slayer? If you have, you know how they sound, if not: replace Slayer’s name with Megadeth, Destruction, Death Angel, Anthrax, Metallica or whatever and you have a general idea, they play in that genre and they sound just right for it.

As I have already concluded, I think this record is actually rather decent, musically it has some energy and songs that does sound alright. Sure I cannot recall any of the songs now that I write this review and I usually do not remember anything of the record as soon as it ends but it is okay and it is not real problem to listen through the record.

I would still say though, that this record and this band, despite the well thought out name of the album, lacks individuality and they lack something to make them interesting which makes them just another band in an already big crowd.

So, in the end I’d say that this record is decent but Elimination destroyed their creation.


Label - Rising Records/Gordeon Music
Three similar bands - Slayer/Megadeth/Destruction
: Daniel Källmalm