1. N8Verzehr
2. Blute Aus
3. Auf Ewig Ostfront
4. Ernte den Untergang
5. Zauberelefant
6. Kai aus der Kiste
7. Tod senkt sich herab
8. Linkshänder
9. Das Allerschlimmste
10. Schlangensonne
11. Brustfetichrist (Bonus)

M. Roth - alle Vocals Yantit - Puls Bursche Lenz - Vier- & Sechssaiter Dr. Franzenstein - Tastenwelt

Promo 96 Demo (1996)
Das Ende des Weges (The end of the Way) Demo (1996) (limited on 333 records)
Fleischhaus (Fleshhouse) Vinyl (1997) (limited on 1000 records)
Zerfall (Decay) (1998)
Krebskolonie (Cancercolony) (1998) (indexed)
Leichenlager (Morgue, lit. Corpse Camp) (2000)
Fleischfestival (Flesh Festival) EP (2000)
Farbenfinsternis (Darkened Colors, lit. Color Darkness) ( (2001) (indexed)
Lager Leipzig Video (2001)
Zerfall Re-Release (2004) (Bonus: Das Ende des Weges Demo), remastered
Wundwasser (lit. Woundwater) (2004) (indexed)
Hexenhaus (Home of the Witch) EP + DVD (2005)
Blutbahnen (Blood Tracks) (2007)
Eine Erhalten (lit. One acquired) EP (2007)
Knochenkult (lit. Bone cult) (2008)
Bühnenblut (lit. Stage-Blood) (2009) (Live-CD)


Released 30/4-2010
Reviewed 8/6-2010


From the other side of Berlin wall comes this band of brothers, or something like that, though I do not think they are a band of brothers that just sort of came out of me. They are at least an east German band who have been at it for fifteen years and with bucketloads of releases in the catalog.

They have reeked some chart success with this record which Massacre was quick to point out, with all right of course. They have apparently been quite successful in the past as well with many sold records and many tours around the Germany, both as support and as headliners. That means they would be rather big in Germany.

So are they any good? Well, you’ll know in time.

Musically the first thing that strikes you is the German language, at least it was for me. The music is death metal, or black metal sung in German. They have some melodic and some more aggressive parts in their music so it is somewhat varied, also with some clean vocals so not only growling.

The production is clean, almost surgical to make this band quite easily accessible for bigger audiences than your average death-/Black metal band. I for one do prefer these band in comparison to the more hardcore, or true black metal bands that just wants to look and act cool or evil, those bands are just boring. Fortunately Eisregen are the well produced and polished kind.

Still a metal or rock band should be quite mad and a little out of control, which is something that Eisregen don’t seem to be. They seem very well rehearsed, polished and safe without any madness whatsoever, and that is quite bad really. I think the band is playing it safe, almost like they just aim for the biggest possible audience, kind of like the Shawshank Redemption, a decent movie but not the best. Movies and music are more or less the same, hence the parable. Pan’s Labyrinth if you look at movies, Arjen Lucassen’s music if you look at music, they are different and mad enough to be the best, Eisregen is not.

Eisregen sounds rather good, the problem however, is that they play it safe which is why they don’t convince me to like them that much. I think bands you either love or hate are much more fun than middle of the road bands.

Well, I think the song Zauberelefant is the best track on the record, at lest that one is somewhat mad which makes it noticeable among the other tracks. The other tracks are rather flat, the record is also too long with 55 minutes of music which is way too much. Zauberelefant at least makes something of a light in the mass of grey.

I can clearly hear that this could have been that much better but Eisregen fail to impress me thanks to the fact that they play it way too safe.


Label - Massacre Records
Three similar bands - Akrea//
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm