Eaglestrike - s/t

1. Stronger
2. Path of destruction
3. Caught in the cobweb
4. Walk in my shoes
5. Barrel of my gun
6. I belive in you
7. If they knew
8. Hint of a smile
9. Losing my friend
10. Left out in the cold
11. Want you to know
12. Won´t bow down

Christer Örtefors - Guitar, vocals
Fredrik Eriksson - Guitar
Dennis Österdahl - Bass
Jörgen Tjusling - Drums




Released: 27/1-2010
Reviewed: 9/1-2010


An eagle strikes with furious force, the fast and furious powermetal from the late nineties are back, or are they? According to the information I received it is not, Eaglestrike is despite the faulty spelling and power metallic sounding name a band that is said to be classic rock’n’roll, maybe in the veins of bands like Motörhead and so forth, the cover could actually be seen as a testament to this. But is it really?

Well, musically it is music in the vein of the classic rock’n’roll but still with a more modern sound. This record may fit into the genre of the classical style of rock music but the production is a giveaway, in difference to many of the so-called classic bands, this band actually has spent time in order to polish the production to make the record sound more like they want it to sound. Therefore they do play classical style of rock music but with a modern feel.

The man behind this band is the bass player of Freak Kitchen who has changed instrument of choice to guitar in this band, he also handles the lead vocal duties which he does well. However, he does sound a bit bored while singing, well maybe not bored but uninterested, the vocals sort of lack passion and enthusiasm throughout the record. That was one of the very first things that struck me while listening to this record.

Another thing striking me with this record was how well polished the production of this record is, it does not sound like the same crap as most other traditional style rock bands sound like, it seems like poor production is a form of criteria for such music, listen to AC/DC, Motörhead, Rolling Stones, The Who and so on, some did poorer productions than todays good ones thanks to the equipment at the time, I am sure The Who would have sounded better if they had today’s stuff to record with. Many bands still thinks the old and dated sounding crap is better and makes bad productions on purpose.

I was a bit unsure what to think of this band from the beginning, it sounded nice but the lame vocals was a bit bothersome but then I started to waiver and now I feel like these vocals are the strong point of this record, without them this band would probably be as boring and bad as Motörhead or Rolling Stones which would have made this another pointless record. Now they are not like that, they have their own sound in a very crowded genre and it does not only make their sound stand out, it also makes them better than most in the genre. I can really recommend this album to anyone into good music.

Tracks like the opening trio, Stronger, Path of Destruction and Caught in the Cobweb makes the point of what I am saying, the following tracks are maybe not as magnificent as these but they are still very good tracks and the record works rather well as a whole, maybe a tad long but that is not a real problem with this record.
In the end it is an unpassionate record with a more passionate feel than you could imagine. It is a very good record where there has actually been made good use of the uncaring voice. Well done Eaglestrike, this is a very good recod.


Label - Thunderstruck Prod./Triada
Three similar bands - Helix/Freak Kitchen/Motörhead
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm