Point of Origin

1. Point of Origin Pt. I
2. Point of Origin Pt. II
3. Love Song
4. Life’s a Bitch
5. Lost
6. Good Times
7. Hollow Words
8. Highway Run
9. Arisen
10. Make my Day
11. The End
Bonus: Rockstar Blues

Steffen Lauth – vocals
Cédric “Cede” Dupont – lead guitar
Axel “Aki” Reissmann – rhythm guitar
Sven Rakowitz – bass
Sebastian Dunkel - drums


recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Müller
@Flatliners Studios, D-Ingolstadt
lead vocals recorded by Rüdiger Fleck
@BI-accoustics Studios, D-Stuttgart
produced by Downspirit

Released 23/7-2010
Reviewed 1/10-2010


A musical experience? What is that? It is kind of like a commercial on television by a Swedish broadband company saying that you should experience more from their television and broadband services which is complete rubbish as you cannot experience things through internet or television it is at best an enlightening moment for the mind, no experience. Music is somewhat different but it is still something strange but that is what the company Metalville says about this very record which is the brainchild of Cedric “Cede” Dupont of Freedom Call or Symphorce who desperately wanted to combine Jazz and heavy metal.

Musically it is probably something in that fashion, don’t look at our similar bands as they are just there because the members are in those bands, Downspirit do not really sound like any of those bands. That fashion of course means Jazzy Heavy Metal with a lot of groove and the such. Which of course is bad English but hey, that is not my first language and I kind of like playing with words at times. What you can say more about this record musically is that it differs a bit from the mainstream which of course always can be seen as a bit refreshing in a musical business which is sort of dying and trying to play it more and more safe. Downspirit is at least not safe and mainstream.

Individuality is always fun and that is something this band has and all the glory to them for that but I will still not say that it is a fantastic record even though there are some reasons like Love Song to call it just that even though said track has a really bad part but in general that track is great. Other tracks worth mentioning is the title track which of course is two tracks with the same name but with the surname pt 1 and pt 2 which means one is an intro and the other one the song, they are good ones as well. Towards the bottom half though my interest vanishes more and more and I am quite bored towards the end.

It is not the fact that the record racks up too many minutes I think it only has about just over forty minutes and that is not really too much in time but maybe the style of the record or something else makes me feel a tad bored towards the end and think that maybe three-four tracks should have been left out.

The cover is quite cool.

Something that is not as cool is the picture of the band I got in my mail, they looked stupid.

All in all I think this record is too much up and down with some top parts and some things that are not so good. I still think that Downspirit is a rather good new familiarity (which is the completely wrong thing and sort of a straight word for word translation from Swedish), a good new band to know even though their quality issues are a bit annoying.

I would say that this record feels a bit unfinished, it seems like the songs are not really finished, there should be parts of them that should have been left out had they worked enough on them, at least that is my feeling when listening to this album. Which overall is good but as I have stated before: something is lacking making it feel less good.

Still, a good record though it feels a tad unfinished and I loose interest towards the back end of it.


Label - Metalville
Thre similar bands - Freedom Call/Symphorce/Pump
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm