Divided Multitude
Guardian Angel

1. Resurrection
2. Nowhere To Hide
3. Senses
4. Something For Someone
5. Regrets
6. Interludium
7. My Dying Hour
8. Promised Land
9. Pieces On The Floor
10. Deeds Of Deception
11. Guardian Angel

Sindre Antonsen - Vocals, Guitar
Christer Harøy - Guitar
Rayner Harøy - Bass
Anders Vinje - Drums
Eskild Kløften - Keyboards

Inner Self (1999)
Divided Multitude (2001)
Falling to Pieces (2003)



Released: 26/3-2010
Reviewed: 31/3-2010


Norway - a nation mostly associated with dark black metal acts who burn churches and flip over headstones in graveyards. However, there are some more positive aspects to Norwegian music than what is commonly known. Bands like TNT, Aha, Pagan’s Mind are a few examples of this and that the first progressive metal band we got from Silverwolf was Norwegian was kind of a surprise really.

They do have a nice looking cover, a logo that really doesn’t reveal much, a name that says a lot and so does many of the song titles, so I was actually expecting something in the vain of Dream Theater when noticing all of this, even though I was not expecting anything in terms of quality as I always get disappointed when I do.

Divided Multitude is just that, a divided multitude of melodies all mixed into one cohesive package where the songs are of a complex structure with many innovative stylistic grips to grab the listener, all with a powerful overlook of the melodies. This record is very strongly melody oriented much like fellow countrymen in Pagan’s Mind, the fact is that their musoc actually reminds very much of said Pagan’s Mind, I don’t think we deal with copies though as they have been at it about the same amount of time, both bands. So if you know Pagan’s Mind you know a fair amount of how it sounds.

Fact us that for a while when I listen to the track called Regret I actually believe I listen to Pagan’s Mind before I realise what I really listen to, at the moment I don’t even have a single track by Pagan’s Mind on my iPod. Still that little story might explain how similar these bands can be at times.

Divided Multitude has a multitude of songs on this album, actually it is eleven tracks. Of these tracks I enjoy most are besides said track Regrets I also enjoy My Dying Hour a little more than the other, the one I enjoy most however is named Pieces on the Floor. These are excellent tracks which can almost be considered to be hit songs.

So with that stuff you may realise that this record this record has the potential to receive a high rating. Still, there is a slight issue at hand, an issue that many bands have: the record is too long, too many minutes. The record feel rather long and that is a little sad as I prefer records that are more compact, more focused. This band has fallen for the temptation to use more tracks than what is good, they apparently have missed the phrase Less is More.

So in the end Divided Multitude is a band who writes great tracks but suffers from delusions of grandure.


Label - Silverwolf Productions/Gordeon Music
Three similar bands - Pagan's Mind/Dream Theater/Vanden Plas
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm