1. The Eyes Of Horror
2. Isolation
3. The Last Force: Attack!
4. Certainty Of Reality
5. Shine
6. Welcome Home
7. Red Sharks
8. Love Like Blood

Karsten Jäger – vocals
Jochen Trunk – bass guitar
Kai Bergerin – drums
Witali Weber – guitar

Disbelief (1997)
Infected (1998)
Worst Enemy (2001)
Shine (2002)
Spreading the Rage (2003)
66Sick (2005)
Platinum Edition (2006)
Navigator (2007)

Produced by Disbelief
Mastering by Andy Classen

Released 21/5-2010
Reviewed 26/5-2010


German death metallers of Deisbelief are back with their second album in two years, and not only that, they also celebrate 20 years as a band which is quite an achievement. They do it with a record called simly Heal. Maybe it is an indication that we should be healed from the protected hell we experienced last time out, note the play on words there, the band’s prior record was called Protected Hell.

Musically it is as I said death metal, hard and heavy, powerful and aggressive but this band has some melodic and some personal touches making their music stand out a bit from the genre in general.

Despite this slightly personal touch I didn’t particularly like the record called Protected Hell that much. That less liking for the prior record can have something to do with the fact that the voice overs were quite annoying, which is why I like the fact that they have changed into distributing promotional albums over the interweb. Now instead of record players we need computers, iPods and external hard drives which is much more environmentally friendly, or not, depending on how you look at it. But at least it means that the voice over is gone which is good.

The first track on this record is not particularly good either so the hopes for this record really plummeted down the drain but then as the eight tracks was worked through I found this record being quite alright. The songs are good and powerful and interesting, if you discount the first one which is not really a good opening track.

Another thing being good about this record is the fact that they have kept the length down, meaning that the record reaches just over 40 minutes and that is just about what is acceptable to listen through since you start to loose interest after 40 minutes, this doesn’t really happen with this album.

Heal is the first album that is produced by the band themselves and that might account for the more vigorously feeling album, it is not that it is that much different from the prior album, it is not. It is in the same vein just better and fresher which may be attributed to the production and the fact that the band did something new this time.

I find myself quite liking this album, it is interesting, well made and quite good and it is surely a real lift from the one before. Protected Hell was okay, maybe with some reservation, Heal is good without reservation and it feels like the band Heals what they have done before and what else is good is that this is a fresh feeling record by a band that is supposed to be tired and boring nowadays but they are not.

Heal is clearly a very good death metal album, and kudos to the band for making it 40 minutes.


Label - Massacre Records
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm