Deathbound - Non Compos Mentis

01. I Hate Them Still
02. The Wave Called Misery
03. Free Shackles For Everyone
04. The Process Of Destruction
05. A Better Tomorrow
06. A Reason For Your Fight
07. Hell Could Be the Cure
08. When The Seas Are Boiling
09. Strain
10. The Blues Of A Dying Man
11. Death Comes For A Visit
12. Non Compos Mentis
13. The World Is But A Memory
14. A Need To Survive

Kai - Vocals
Pete - Guitar
Sami - Drums

Domsday Comfort ('05)
To Cure The Sane with Insanity ('03/'06)
We Deserve Much Worse ('07)



Released: 25/1-2010
Reviewed: 25/1-2010


Take a look at the cover of this album at the left and tell me if you really think that I need to describe how it sounds and that usual stuff we go through with every album? Well, I don't think it's necceccary, honestly I think the cover speaks for it self.

But to make everyone happy, especially those who gave me this album, I shall either way take a public look on this Finnish bands' fourth album. The cover, which you've now have had time to look closer at, is a picture of a human in some kind of x-ray vision that shows the brain and everything. That means it is here they've put the brain, because the music it most definitely is no brain in.

This is brainless hardcore/grindcore death where the band in song after song compete in who can play their instruments the fastest... or what am I saying? Play? No, compete in who can make noise from their instruments the fastest.

The first track, called I Hate them Still, is the longest track on the album with 3.04. It actually is not completely rubbish for the first minute or so. However, when the band really starts hitting at it with no mercy, a cavalcade of extreme noises has begun. The bass is just hammered at as hard as the player could, the drums are just a big pile of different noises that never ends and the vocals are just the most screaming that anyone could ever succeed achieving along with a guitarline with two different sounds made in the same order as fast as possible. To ask for an "if" in headache is just wasted, the question is "how bad is it?".

But there are exceptions as well. Eh, well - one at least. Track eleven is actually OK for a short while, as the band takes time to actually play something. Technical you might say, at least when it's compared to the rest of the album, and another plus comes in the lenght of the album. Even though it have 14 tracks, the album only counts to 30,6 minutes, which feels as something very positive with this album. And to be honest, these 30,6 doesn't feel as an eternity in pain, thanks to the short songs it actually plays out it self pretty fast when it comes around.

For those who like this kind of music, I can see no problem at all to why you shouldn't like this album. It's braindead grindcore/hardcore death (or vice versa) that only sounds as much and as fast as possible, just as more or less every band that has succeeded in this genre. I don't like it, honestly I really hate it. I can't see any point at all with this, but I have to admit that there are many bands that is even worse and a lot of albums that sucks even harder. 'Non Compos Mentis' will definitely never again be played in my stereo, but never the less I must say that this is a decent album I recommend to everyone who likes the genre. My best advice to the rest of you is to stay the fuck away!


Label - Dynamic Arts/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Exhumed/God Among Insects/Cattle Decapitation
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm