1. Excess
2. Transfusion
3. Poisonous Plants
4. Confusion
5. T.B.T.R.
6. Struggle
7. Afternoons In The Colour Of Lemon
8. Witnesses Of The Decline Of The Eternal Boys Land
9. Silence And Fire
10. Eckhart
11. F.T.P.
12. F.T.M.O.

Rafał Matuszak (B)
Dominik Witczak (G)
Marcin Kobza (G)
Adam Marszałkowski (D)
Piotr Rogucki (V)

Pierwsze wyjście z mroku (2004)
Zaprzepaszczone siły wielkiej armii świętych znaków (2006)
Hipertrofia (2008)



Released 20/10-2010
Reviewed 23/9-2010


"The Polish equivalent to Gotthard" is what the label people tells me. Does that sound frightening or encouraging? I'll break your prejudiance right away. Musically I think more of bands like Creed and Alter Bridge and the comparisment is firstly meant for the popularity in the home contry (and lack of it outside). That they should be a Polish Gotthard would mean they have some quality, since quality and popularity often go hand in hand, but Coma sounds cheaper than a Gotthard played by Poles (or in pools) and the songs are ofter to experimental to be really commersial so I raise some questions to the anti-mainstream musical taste of Poland if Coma can have the same status in their home country as Gotthard have in Scweiz.

'Excess' is an album that sounds pretty much as any other metal album. The already menthioned Creed feel close at hand trough the entire album, even though Coma has many own ideas as well. Three songs are named only by letters (T.B.T.R, F.T.P. AND F.T.M.O.) and what they actually stand for goes beyond my knowledge. They also fill out the album with songs that are both slow or contains only by screaming and psychadelic hammering on bass, drums and guitars. This is quite different compared to the pretty normal hard rock they play most of the time. The sound stretches between really calm and harmonical, almost sleepy, songs and these psychadelic parts. I feel that one can never know where you have Coma, they are like an unpredictable cat - it can purr and curr and invite to petting only to abruptly put the claws in you and bite.

Some of the songs got really funny names, except for the already menthioned letter shortenings they have names that are quite the oposite of them and becomes almost as long as the average Manic Street Preacher song title. Or what else can you say about titles like Afternoons in the Color of Lemon? And Witnesses the Decline of the Eternal Boys Land? I really don't knowwhat an afternoon in the color of a lemon means, and the other title I will not even try to guess about, but they are quite entertaining. Are they any good then? Well, most of the songs are pretty good, actually, but there are absolutely other songs I like better. Like the quite uncomical titled tracks Excess and Struggle, which I this are the two shining most.

Cleanly musical I think Coma seem to know what they're doing, but it's a little to simplified for my taste. Huge parts of the album sounds pretty much like elevator music with added vocal parts. And the vocalist is hoarse like a horse. Once again I menthion Creed, think of a Scott Stapp with a cold, that Piotr on the vocals. The good news is that he doesn't have any agrevating broken English and that is a pretty big plus for a Polish band that otherwise could have ruined the whole thing. My favorite songs are the faster ones or the ballads. The mid-tempo songs are rubbish, they seem to have forgotten to put on the volume for most of the instruments and the songs are way too simplified and viscous to flow all the way to my good room, but they still tries to come in by knocking wierdly on my door with their psychadelic songs.

'Excess' is an varied album that mostly fall because of th production. It would need a bit better sound quality, a bit less of the "economical" instrumental handling and a bit more songs like the title track. I think the album is good, it dosn't have any obvious shortcomings and most of the songs I think are listenable for most people. Where it falls is when they more or less turns everything off and pretends to be Led Zeppelin with either totaly crazy parts or more or less silence. However, all in all this is a clear pass for the Polish version of Creed.


Label - Mystic Production/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Creed/Alter Bridge/Tool
Reviewer: Caj Källmalm