Circle of Chaos
Black Oblivion

1. Chaosmatic
2. Derailed
3. Predator
4. The Void
5. Tales
6. What May Come
7. Black Oblivion
8. Crowned In Filth
9. Still Waiting
10. Flags of Our Fathers

Antonio Ravina Da Silva - Vocals
HG Hogström - Guitar
Allan Lundholm - Guitar
Thomas Jonsson - Bass
Staffan Lundholm - Drums



Recorded and mixed at A.R.T . Studios by HG Hogström
Mastered at Unisound by Dan Swanö

Released 2010
Reviewed 23/8-2010


A band who’s music could be influenced by my mind, well that is in case the name is any indication of the music that comes from these Swedish guys. The record is called Black Oblivion and contains ten tracks which are really not that chaotic come to listen to them. They could rather be called rather straight ahead groovy melodic death metal if you like to label things with many names which I don’t so in my iPod they are rock, kind of like everything I review for this website.

As I said (wrote actually), they are groovy with a lot of power and melody and the singer growls mostly but there are some clean sung parts as well but I don’t recall them very much or how many they are, it might be just one and I remember it from listening to the album today. It is also not as dark as the cover might suggest and it is not chaotic really, unless you count raw power and energy well put together as chaotic which I don’t.

Now then, is it any good? It is, that is all I say and this review is over… well not really I am only trying to be funny when writing reviews and mostly it fails or becomes dumb like here. So I can say that on this record there are ten very good tracks which I feared that there wouldn’t be because it was a self financed record sent by the band themselves and some of those records are actually so poor that out of respect for the band I fail to write any review about them, this one along with the other latest self financed records is very good. This band ought to have some better promotion for this record as I am sure they would sell a few if they had.

I like the sound and the melodies of this record and can enjoy it while it plays, but at the same time I cannot avoid thinking that it is a record for those more initiated in the genre and not really a record that will turn anyone into the genre or even make someone curious of it really. It is well made and really good but at the same time it feels a bit like it all has been done before which of course all music has but it resides in a very crowded genre of music which can make it somewhat easy to miss especially without good promotion.

Still for anyone of you out there with a heart for melodic death metal from Sweden or anywhere, this is the thing for you, it is great in many ways and sometimes I feel like I’m a bit restrictive to give a four and not more but it just does not float my boat that much no matter how much I try. I like it, it is good but I do not adore it.

In the end, it is not as chaotic as one might think which probably would have been more to my liking but at the same time it is an excellent record which many of probably would enjoy.


Label - self released
Three similar bands - //
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm