1. VI
2. Videodrom
3. Kinder der Nacht
4. Lass mich gehen!
5. DE
6. Immergrün
7. Dein Leben schläft
8. O
9. Mondfinsternis
10. Dieses Lied macht betroffen
11. Sexmachine
12. DROM
13. Mein Stein
14. Sommer, Liebe, Kokain
Gott ist tot

Bastian „BastiBasti“ Sobtzick (vocals)
Thorsten Becker (bass)
Bernhard Horn (guitar)
Thomas Buschhausen (guitar)

Willkommen im Beerdigungscafé (2006)
Zombieactionhauptquartier (2008)



Released 3/4-2010
Reviewed 27/5-2010


I guess you could call this a techno death metal band or something like that, if you like and if you need to put a cheesy genre to everything. German band Callejon seems a bit video interested with this album which they have named Videodrom and which is sung mostly if not exclusively in the German language which is something I never object to, that is usually a positive for me.

Musically it is what I said, it has lots of electronic stuff and then death metal stuff to go along with it. It is not as heavy as most in the genre as the techno stuff make it a bit less heavy and brutal but there are still grunting and growling and whatever else in the darkish style you wish to call them.

As far as I can tell, this is the third album from these guys and as I have not heard any of the prior ones it is my first contact with them. I cannot really say that it have made me a fan of the band I have rather hoped that the record would end as soon as possible every time I heard it and I have a hard time just selecting to play this record, it is not really an interesting record.

I think you can use one word to describe this album: too. This means that this record is too long, has too many songs, too dull, too little really interesting stuff, you catch my drift. It is a too dull record in general.

Sure I kind of like the title track but besides that there is not much on this record that catches my interest, it is a record I just move past and look into something else, Callejon just does not manage to catch my interest with the music they perform on Videodrom.

Not that it is a bad record, it is not like those bands that you really hate because their music is really bad and stupid, Callejon at least tries to make something interesting but they don’t really manage it, if it is a lack of skill or just plain stupidity I can’t tell but they fail to keep me interested for any considerable time.

So, if you like to be bored and hate music that is very good, buy this record as it is not good, nor bad, just boring.


Label - Nuclear Blast
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm