Bleed From Within

1. This Is Our Legacy
2. The Novelist
3. Last of Our Kind
4. The Weaker One
5. Emperor
6. Dishonour
7. Vanity
8. The Healing
9. Empress
10. Welcome to My World
11. Legion

Scott Kennedy - Vocals
Dave Lennon - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Ali Richardson - Drums
Craig Gowans "Goonzi" - Guitar (Bass)
Davie Provian - Bass

Humanity (2009)



Released: 10/5-2010
Reviewed: 27/4-2010


Bleed from within, don’t we all? I wonder what the thought behind such a name can be, I mean everyone bleed from within as the blood is within us, the opposite would have been a much cooler experiment of the thought but I guess it would just be too odd and the band with a name that would indicate a German or Polish origin decided it would be cool. This band is actually from the British Islands despite the lack of a proper name.

Musically their record called Empire is some heavy piece of extreme metal, I have read somewhere that it may be called deathcore or something like that by some people, I don’t care for supersubgenres, I’d rather just call it extreme metal. It is heavy and powerful with growling, screaming vocals. It is fast, aggressive and brutal according to Rising Records, the label who has signed the band, I can agree with that description.

Empire is the band’s second album, I have not heard the first one and considering what I feel about this one I think I might be happy to not have heard it. It is a fast, aggressive and monotone record if I was to describe it, the thing it really does for me is make me very tired and nothing else really. I feel nothing but boredom for this record, I don’t think they succeed very well in making brutal music. Then again, maybe their goal is to create a musical sleeping pill and in case of that, their music is excellent.

I can really only recommend this record for the one with trouble sleeping, just take a dose of music from the record and fall asleep fast, no real side effects either. An excellent cure, maybe I should try it to combat my sleeping disorders.

Empire should also come with a label warning people for using this record in combination with driving a car, it is potentially dangerous as it is so tiring.


Label - Rising Records/Gordeon Music
Three similar bands - Bring me the Horizon/Meshuggah/The Black Dahlia Murder
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm