Black Thoughts Bleeding

1. Uprising
2. Blindfolded
3. Four Seasons Of Self Mutilation
4. Bridge End...
5. ...Prozac
6. Carnal Addiction
7. Down
8. On The Way Back
9. Written In Red Ink
10. Uncertain

Dominik Szelinski - vocals
Dominik Göbbels - guitar
Markus Kleinertz - guitar
Rainer Classen - bass
Ben Overmann - drums




Released: 26/3-2010


How does it look when black thoughts are bleeding? Don’t you think that is a rather weird thing to name your band? Well, I think it is anyway. Stomachion is the name of these bleeding black thoughts first album.

Maybe the weird name can be explained by the fact that this band hails from the nation of Germany where the English language isn’t the most spoken one. But it might be due to the problem of finding new and exciting names for bands.

Still, names aside, the main thing about reviewing a record is not an analysis of the name but one of the music of course. And musically Black Thoughts Bleeding is an extreme metal band who confess themselves to the modern side of this genre with the mix of growls and clean vocals and also with a more modern sound with keys and stuff. As is expected they also have a clean production that lifts this sound, the sound is overall modern, much like their mates of the genre.

This much like formulation is something you should take notice of since this is something we focus on here. It is a problem here, the fact that this band lacks the so-called edge that take them out of the mainstream. Black Thoughts Bleeding sound way too much like most other bands of the genre and fail to stand out to generate some interest whatsoever when it comes to my opinion anyway.

I do not think Black Thoughts Bleeding is a bad band, they are decent but as I said they lack something that can make me interested in what they have to offer. Stomachion is a boring album, mostly because it does not show any real creativity by the band and it sound much like all else in the genre. I feel like this band is just trying to imitate other bands in the genre.

I am rather pleased with the fact that this review is done and I can put this record into the archives. Now I can finally move to another record.


Label - Silverwolf Productions/Gordeon Music
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm