Black Breath
Heavy Breathing

1. Black Sin (Spit On the Cross)
2. Eat the Witch
3. Escape From Death
4. I Am Beyond
5. Virus
6. Heavy Breathing
7. Children of the Horn
8. Fallen
9. Unholy Virgin
10. Wewhocannotbenamed

J. Byrum - Drums
Neil McAdams - Vocals
F. Funds - Guitar
Elijah Nelson - Bass
E. Wallace - Guitar

Razor to Oblivion (2008)



Released 9/4-2010
Reviewed 9/6-2010

southern lord

Well, Black Breath and heavy breathing and spit on the cross and some other dorkish stuff from a group of kids from USA. I am not really a fan of stupid band names and stupid song titles and this lot has loads of them, which is not really a positive for a first impression. Fortunately I listen before I judge, or unfortunately, depending on who you are.

Musically is is black breaths of growls mixed up with some heavy breathing vocals to be funny. It resides in what is usually called the death metal genre or the extreme metal genre depending on how specific you wish to be. Musically they do feel kind of like at home in the genre, nothing extraordinary or different here.

The fact that I do not really approve of the name or the song titles have no bearing on me when I started to listen to the music, usually when I do listen to bands to review I only know the name of the band and possibly the record, often nothing else so I am not affected by the these fact, I usually only notice them as I am close to the review when I start to look at what a particular song is called or something like that. So the stupid names has nothing to do with me not liking this record.

I do not like this record because there are no good songs on it. The songs feel like a murmur of some aggressive moth flying around in your wardrobe trying to eat your best costumes, which would be something bad of course. The whole feel of the record is really nothing, it does not have a dark feel or a light feel, it just feels indifferent, safe, cowardly or something like that. If it is true that they have created a huge buzz in the underground, then people are really more lacking musical taste than I could imagine.

Sure, not all is negative, the record doesn’t make you vomit and it is not utterly useless even if it is quite close really. The lack of hit songs may not need to be a problem but in this case it really is, to be close to decent it would have needed a hit song.

So in the end I would say that his record is much more a black breath of boredom to the musical world than it is a breath of fresh air.


Label - Southern Lord/Sound Pollution
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm