1. Thrash Maniacs
2. Headbangers
3. Running Alone
4. Wings of A Demon
5. T.F.F.M.
6. Bullets & Death
7. Stalingrad
8. Interlude
9. Beggars Right
10. Dictators Of Stone
11. Defenders

Silvan Etzensperger - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Cyril Etzensperger - Rhythm Guitar
Dejan Terzic - Bass
Samuel "Sämi" Riedener - Drums

The Fight for Metal (2006)



Released: 26/2-2010
Reviewed: 2/3-2010


From Switzerland and Zurich belongs this band called Battalion. However, they could as well have been from the Bay Area and the eighties judging by the music they play. Some of you might even think you have been transported back in time to this period where Metallica ruled the world of thrash metal.

So, as you already have learned, this is thrash metal of the kind we heard back in the eighties from bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Exodus, etc. which means fast paced heavy and powerful thrashy metal. So, if you know any of these bands, then you know what it is all about. Otherwise it is hard for me to describe it any better.

This record starts out with a track called thrash maniacs which is a full fledged eighties thrash hit song. Well, it is a good track but it should have been somewhat shorter, to make it more focused and so forth. It is nonetheless a good start that gets you into the groove of the record much more than the not too tasteful record cover does. One thing is for sure and that is that this record is not what you would expect from looking at it, I thought it would be this modern aggressive stuff but it was actually the oldish kind of thrash that seem to have made a short return here.

The songs following the first are also good tracks with one exception, the seventh track called Stalingrad that it an excellent song. A more epic track than the rest on the record, it is also a powerful and a longer track than the rest and the part where they speak is very interesting. Stalingrad gives this record another dimension really.

So in the end this record is something of a return of a time long gone when it comes to music, there is much in this that reminds of the old thrash from the bay area even though they are from the Zürich area. For anyone who like the likes of Metallica or Megadeth will probably like this. Underdogs is maybe a good title, they will always be underdogs to the originals.

I can always play this record and move directly to Stalingrad.


Label - Silverwolf Productions/Gordeon Music
Three similar bands - Megadeth/Metallica/Death Angel
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm