Angels of Babylon - Kingdom of Evil

1. Conspiracy Theory
2. Apocalypse 2012
3. Night Magic
4. Tear Out My Heart
5. Oh How The Mighty Have Fallen
6. Tarot
7. Kingdom Of Evil
8. The Remnant
9. Angels Of Babylon
10. Second Coming

Drums – Rhino
Bass – Dave Ellefson
Vocals – David Fefolt
Guitars – Ethan Brosh




Released: 20/1-2010
Reviewed: 10/2-2010


A rhino from a band called Manowar had some songs in the horn on his face, some songs he was waiting for the right guys to join him in order for them to go and make these songs. Eventually these guys were found and the result is Angels of Babylon and their debut album called Kingdom of Evil. These guys have origins in other known metal bands like Megadeth and that will probably lead you to deduct to the fact that this band hails from the United States of America, you know that insignificant place just south of Canada.

Well, you might expect that this band is quite the heavy, heavy metal band. But instead this band plays more melodic kind of metal, almost to the point that you can call them AOR even though their music is more heavy than the regular AOR-band. Still they have the elements of that kind of music with loads of melodies and lots of focus on the chorus and with a production dedicated to these choruses.

With some known names and stuff you might expect this band to be good as well, or boring depending on what you think of these bands. I don’t quite like Manowar or Megadeth for that matter. Still, the music of Angels of Babylon is quite a bit off those band and it is also rather good with some powerful melodies and songs with choruses that have a tendency to get stuck in the head of the listener. A few example of songs like this are opening Conspiracy Theory, the title track and the ending track called Second Coming. With these facts in place there are some indications that this record might receive quite some decent points in the review.

However there is one thing that bothers me: this record feels a bit too much cliché for my taste. Thing is that they both musically and lyrically feel a bit cliché which is a bit bad as I really hate cliché. Well, I love people who make fun of cliché but that is not the same as Angels of Babylon are doing with this record. Kingdom of Evil is not an interesting title either.

Still, there are some good points to this story, the length of the record is quite right at 45 minutes and this fact along with the songs I mentioned before makes this record quite the good one and I cannot help giving this record a decent score.

Cliché or not, this is a rather good record with good songs and I can recommend this record for anyone who likes this genre. But maybe it is just a conspiracy theory, or is it?


Label - Metal Heaven/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands - Soul Doctor/Grimmstine/State of Rock
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm