1. 43° 17'N/5° 22'E
2. Dead Lion Reef
3. Columnae
4. The Devil's Triangle
5. Degree Zero
6. The Horn Cape
7. Black Smokers (752° Fahrenheit)
8. Ha Long
9. Shen Lung
10. I Sea Red
11. There's Blood Offshore
12. Waves of Doom

Shawter – vocals
Izakar – guitar
Werther – bass
Frank Costanza – drums

Release the Fury EP (2001)
Dagoba (2003)
What Hell Is About (2006)
Face The Colossus (2008)


recorded at Hyperion Studio in Marseille, France with producer "Brew" Varea
mixed by Dave Chang at Philia Studio

Released 30/8-2010
Reviewed 13/10-2010

xiii bis records

When I was out cold in a snow storm in a barren place I had a vision saying I should go to the Dagoba system and meet Yoda, which was kind of strange but that happened so I found myself a pirate ship and started a journey.

A journey taking me from a destination on the map all the way through the Devil’s triangle and Dead Lion Reef and I also during my journey saw some read seas, funny thing happen at that instant when a man on the crew yelled I sea red, which is a kind of funny play on words, we reached the waves of doom and it is all guesswork from there really. I have no idea what happened then.

It is all heavy and powerful from Dagoba with poweful dark riffs and growling vocals, but not entirely as there is some room for the melodic side of things with cleaner vocals and more melodic instrumentation. These sides of the music harmonise well between one another but with a slight imbalance towards the heavier and rawer side of things.

What we have been able to see already is that they have released a video which is of the song called Black Smokers which is the best destination on this pirate trip, it has the balance between sides that I wish the entire thing would have and as I said it is a great track.

Another one I like is the wordplay called I sea red which is just good and memorable. And if you think that only two of the destinations are worth visiting, you are in error as the rest of the destinations are quite good as well, not as good as the ones I mentioned before but very good nonetheless and they might be worth visiting once or twice.

In the end I found myself in a tough battle between the four and the five as there were so much good to merit a five but at the same time there were things making me consider it more all the time and in the end I actually selected the rating as I wrote my Swedish review.

I found the negatives being that the album was a bit too much on the raw side, the melodic side should have been gives a slight bit more space on the ship. Another thing was that the journey was just a tad bit long and you know how it is on those pirate ships in regards to hygiene, food, the smell and all of that, not to mention the dangers of disease and all of those things.

So in the end I am left wondering weather or not we made it out of the waves of doom, your guess is as good as mine, what I do know however is that the rating was decided into the lower of the two.

Dagoba sounds like an interesting band and I have heard that the record before this was a bit more melodic so maybe it is what I think this record should have been. I think however that many of you will enjoy this band as they are really quite talented and do what they do well.

Black Smokers video, it is fortunate that it is not what one could have imagined, a music video of black people smoking would have been really boring.


Label - XIII BIS Records
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm