We Were Exploding Anyway

1. Mountainhead
2. Crash Tactics
3.Dance Dance Dance
4. Piano Fights
5. Weak4
6. Come to Me
7. Go Complex
8. Debutante
9. Tiger Girl

Joe Shrewsbury
Paul Wolinski
Rob Jones
Simon Wright

The Fall of Math (2004)
One Time for All Time (2005)
The Destruction of Small Ideas (2007)



Released 26/4-2010
Reviewed 10/5-2010

hassle records

We were exploding anyway, that is a rather funny title, don’t you think.
- Sorry for driving into you living room sir.
- No worries man, we were exploding anyway.
That makes for a rather funny conversation, if you don’t think so then you may need to look into how you think, there seem to be something amiss there. So, there are some positives already before listening to this record, but there are of course plenty of room to be disappointed, which happens from time to time even though I don’t care to have any expectations, sometimes you cannot help it.

Musically these guys from the British islands are playing instrumental rock music with the complexity and energy that usually entails. It is not progressive or something like that just the usual way when the instrumental side replace the vocals. Sure there are some vocal parts but it is mainly an instrumental record.

I have never really been a fan of the instrumental music, actually there has really only been one instrumental record I have liked, Fantasy by Borislav Mitic but that is not really in the same league as it is more of a Neo Classical Metal thing. Still this clearly ranks as among the best instrumental records I have heard.

The record starts out with a track called Mountainhead which is a good opener and a clear indicator of what to expect from the rest of the record which goes on in the same fashion. The best track of the record is the one called Go Complex and after the that the record rounds off really nicely. It is a record that is set up right, it is well produced and it has good songs.

Still, this is not really enough for me to really listen to this, it feels more like this record is better suited for being background music in video clips or video games and not like something you listen to sitting down in the sofa or something you go and watch live. It is good but really not THAT good.

So in the end, this record is alright but of no consequence as we were exploding anyway.


Label - Hassle/Sound Pollution
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Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm